1. Articles, abstracts, and summaries of the latest scientific research by Dr. Weitz
    1. Minimizing Weight Training Injuries in Bodybuilders and Athletes.
    2. Sitting and Low Back Pain
    3. Lordotic versus Kyphotic lifting posture
    4. Abdominal Strengthening Exercises
    5. Bed Rest Ineffective for Back Pain and Sciatica
    6. The Mechanism of the Whiplash Injury
    7. Golf and the Spine
    8. Is it Good to Wear a Back Belt to Protect Your Back?
  2. Other sports medicine and chiropractic articles and abstracts of interest
    1. Guidelines for Return to Play in Collision Sports after Cervical
      Spine Injury or after Discovery of Cervical Spine Lesions
    2. Increasing Hamstring Flexibility Decreases Lower Extremity Overuse Injuries
    3. The McKenzie Examination Procedure found to be accurate way to diagnose 
  3. Nutritional Information
    1. Recommendations for Nutritional Supplements (research based)
    2. Is there value in nutritional supplementation?
    3. What is a balanced diet?
    4. The Zone–pro and con
    5. Vitamin E–is it safe?
    6. Glucosamine Sulfate Does Help with Osteoarthritis 
    7. Mercury in Seafood 
    8. First Line Therapy program is effective
    9. High Glycemic Diet Increases Risk of Breast Cancer
    10. Vitamin D Reduces Heart Attack Risk
    11. Protein and Bone Health
    12. Are Multivitamins Useless? (a response by the Linus Pawling Institute to a recent study that claims that multivitamins are not helpful)  
  4. Additional topics in Medicine and Health
    1. Thinking, emotions, and the brain
    2. How to Barbecue Healthier
  5. Exercise and Fitness Facts
    1. Exercise and Pregnancy
    2. Strength Training Recommendations for Older Aged Individuals
    3. How to Lose Fat
    4. Is High Intensity Training best?
    5. How to build muscle–is training to failure necessary?
    6. Resistance Exercise Improves Cholesterol Levels
    7. Repetition speed