Dr. Ben has been a driving force in my recovery for a very long time. 1st when I was about 15 I was in a major car accident, every doctor I saw said surgery to my arm and back was the only option, Dr. Ben knew better. He helped me regain the use of my dominant right arm again and heeled the pain in my back. About 15 years later he was instrumental in my complete remission from MS with his nutritional plan and chiropractic care. 10 years later I am still in remission and off of all medication, I believe wholeheartedly that it is due to Dr. Ben. Unfortunately I have moved Out of state and wish desperately that Dr. Ben had an office in Las Vegas. With all of my heart and soul I am forever grateful to Dr. Ben for the care he has given me for over 20 years. THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU IF YOU TRULY WISH FOR RELIEF, CARE AND GOOD HEALTH.