Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 013: Optimal Fitness with Mike Mutzel

Dr. Weitz inteviews Mike Mutzel on some of the newest strategies to help you lose weight and get into great shape.  Mike and Dr. Ben both agree that it is best if you can not only teach others how to be more fit and healthy, but also to lead your life that way.  They both walk the walk as well as talking the talk. Mike explains how overtraining, such as doing excessive cardio, has negative consequences.  Mike recommends weight training 4 times per week as well as doing some yoga and some high intensity cardio, such as interval training. Mike explains that you have to beat your body up in order to stimulate it to adapt and get stronger and more fit.

Mike recommends taking branch chain amino acids, specifically L-leucine, which promotes muscle growth signalling.  He also recommends consuming a little caffeine prior to going to the gym, which stimulates fat burning and stimulates their nervous system.  Mike also talks about the importance of getting enough protein through your diet, if you want to improve in your strength and muscle building.

Mike also talks about respecting the body’s natural circadian rhythm and that antioxidants should only be taken at night, since if taken before workouts, it might interfere with the free radical stress that is part of how exercise stimulates our body’s adaptation and this lead us to get stronger. Mike also likes alkaline creatine and beta alanine as performance enhancers.  Beta alanine is a lactic acid buffer.

Mike talks about the importance of brown fat and how taking a cold shower will stimulate the production of brown adipose tissue, which is metabolically active.  Fat is not just inert. It is immunologically and metabolically active.

Check out Mike Mutzel’s website and his High Intensity podcast: http://highintensityhealth.com/ Also order his excellent book, Belly Fat Effect https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/belly-fat-effect-msc-mike-mutzel/1119083881?ean=9780991070312

Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 012: Brain Health

Dr. Ben Weitz discusses new research on brain health revealed at the June 2017 Institute of Functional Medicine Annual meeting in Los Angeles. He discusses the plasticity of the brain and Dr. Dale Bredesen’s findings on reversing Alzheimer’s Disease.   Dr. Weitz is available for nutritional consultations to help you improve your brain health and to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease  310-395-3111.

Rational Wellness Episode 011: Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Dr. Ben Weitz

Dr. Ben Weitz answers a question from a listener who was told by her doctor that because she had a negative blood test that her Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) was caused by stress. Just because the IBS Chek Test is negative does not mean that you don’t have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  Not that the the IBS Check test is not a useful test, but it only rules out autoimmune origin to IBS.  It measures antibodies to Cytolethal Distending Toxin and Vinculin.  But even if this test is negative, you can still have SIBO induced IBS.  A lactulose hydrogen, methane breath test is really the definitive test to look for SIBO.  There are very few cases of IBS that are caused by stress.  In fact, if you consider the stress response evolutionarily, which is really the fight-or-flight response, if you were being chased by a saber-toothed tiger in prehistoric times, it would make no sense that you would have to suddenly have a bowel movement.  That certainly would not enhance your likelihood of survival.

While many doctors still consider IBS to be a condition of unknown origin with no way to get rid of it, there is growing evidence that most cases of IBS are caused by SIBO.  And many cases of SIBO can be eradicated with proper treatment.  That treatment involves either specific antibiotics (such as Rifaximin or Rifaximin plus Neomycin, etc.) or natural anti-microbials (such as orgenao oil, berberine, allicin from garlic, neem, etc.) along with agents to restore bowel motility.  In addition, a specific diet is often helpful to be followed for a period of time during active treatment or for a time after.

Dr. Weitz is available for nutritional consultations to help you with IBS and other digestive disorders  310-395-3111.


Circadian Rhythm with Dr. Corey Schuler: Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 010

Dr. Corey Schuler discusses the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal time clock, with Dr. Ben Weitz.  Both the central clock and peripheral time clocks control the metabolism of the body, our sleep, alertness, body temperature, and even our gene expression.  Our modern lifestyle, lack of sleep, exposure to artificial and blue light, caffeine consumption, etc. has had a negative impact on our natural circadian rhythm and this may result in many negative health consequences.  We discussed how stress, adrenal function, and the HPA axis impact our circadian rhythm.

Here is Dr. Schuler’s Facebook photo:

Here is Dr. Schuler’s web site:  http://www.metabolictreatmentcenter.com/corey-schuler/

Rational Wellness Episode 009: The Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Que Collins

Dr. Que Collins gives a fascinating interview with Dr. Ben Weitz about how the Ketogenic diet and other nutritional and lifestyle factors promote health.  Hydrogen atoms are contained in water molecules in the body and for every 1,000,000 atoms there are 156 heavy hydrogen molecules, aka, deuterium atoms.  Higher levels of deuterium are associated with higher levels of cancer, obesity and other chronic diseases.  Eating more green vegetables, eating a low carb, ketogenic diet, getting more restful sleep, and other nutritional and lifestyle factors result in lower levels of deuterium.  Deuterium levels can be measured through a breath test and various diet and lifestyle factors can help to lower deuterium levels, thus lowering risk of chronic disease and improving athletic performance.  Dr. Que feels that this theory is the underlying molecular reason why a Functional Medicine approach to health is often successful.

Dr. Que runs the Cignature Health Metabolic clinic in Santa Monica: http://www.cignaturehealth.com/

Prostate Cancer with Dr. Geo Espinosa: Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 008

Dr. Ben Weitz has a fascinating conversation with Dr. Geo Espinosa, the Functional Medicine world’s leading expert in Urology and Prostate health.  Dr. Espinosa is the Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University Langone Medical Center in the Department of Urology, where he is the director of the Integrative and Functional Urology Center.  Dr. Espinosa is the author of the popular prostate cancer book, Thrive, Don’t Only Survive and co-authored numerous books on natural medicine in urology and men’s health.  Dr. Geo is the Chief Medical Officer and formulator of XY Wellness, LLC and lectures internationally on the application of science-based nutritional medicine in urology.  On his time off, he enjoys researching, writing on his popular blog, DrGeo.com and spending time with his wife, Johanna, and three kids.


Diabetes with Dr. Jeffrey James: Rational Wellness Episode 007

Dr. Jeffrey James discusses the diabetes epidemic with Dr. Ben Weitz. 

01:08    Dr. Ben Weitz provides an introduction on the Diabetes epidemic in the United States

01:25    Diabetics have a 50% increased risk of dying.

01:45    Obesity and Diabetes are both caused by insulin resistance.

05:42    I asked Dr. James what is the biggest factor in our society that contributes to the increase in the rate of Diabetes and Prediabetes?  Dr. James said that there is not one thing, but it probably  started in the 80’s when everybody got so scared of saturated fats and we went to the high carbohydrate, refined carbohydrate, and margarine diet. That didn’t help things. As the advent of  computers and cell phones got bigger, we started sitting around more, living a sedentary lifestyle, and this contributes to increased mortality.

06:58   Dr. James explained the role of stress and cortisol and cortisol functions to elevate blood sugar when it is low.  He explained the risk of low blood sugar and how diabetics that he’s worked with are more fearful of low blood sugar than high blood sugar.

07:48  Dr. James explains that while sleeping, since you are not eating, if your blood sugar level dips, your body will secrete cortisol to elevate the blood sugar.  But if you have been under stress for a long period of time, instead of the adrenal cortex releasing more cortisol since you have depleted cortisol levels, then the body goes into DEF CON II and it uses epinephrine and norepinephrine.  These are hormones that will stimulate your liver to release glucose into your blood stream but they have the added effect of stimulating your sympathetic nervous system and waking you up.  So folks who wake up at 2 or 3 am, that may be a blood sugar dysregulation issue that results from being under so much stress that their cortisol levels are depleted.

09:35  Dr. James explains that we are not just talking about emotional stress but the stress of emfs and electricity of modern life that humans never had to deal with before.

12:32  I brought up the role of toxins in metabolism such as BPA.  Dr. James mentioned a recent patient who’s numbers were not making sense and she tested positive for immune responses to Bisphenyl S and A, Formaldehyde, and Benzene rings. We know that some of the plastic chemicals are endocrine disruptors, but we’ve been told that if we get rid of BPA that we will be fine. But the other plastic chemicals like BPS that are often substituted for BPA in BPA free containers are also endocrine disruptors.  Dr. James talked about how to detox these chemicals, including using infrared sauna.

15:06  Dr. James talked about the BPA coating on cash register receipts and I mentioned that even though I buy BPA free paper, just because it doesn’t add BPA to the paper, because the paper starts with recycled paper, some of which has BPA on it, it will still contain BPA. And of course money all has traces of BPA on it from those who touch receipts and then touch the money.

16:18  Dr. James noted that the problem is not just BPA, but the onslought of chemicals that are endocrine disruptors that we get exposed to.

Dr. Jeffrey James is a Doctor of Chiropractic.  He also has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. He is a Board certified chiropractic neurologist DACNB, and has been in private practice since 1989.  Here is the website for his practice in West Los Angeles: https://www.integratedphysicians.com/

Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Arland Hill: Rational Wellness Episode 006

Dr. Arland Hill is a Functional Medicine Clinician for fifteen years and Author of “Platform Food, Function, Freedom.com.” has an in depth conversation with Dr. Ben Weitz about Autoimmune Diseases.

Dr. Arland Hill explains the primary reasons why there has been an increase in the rate of autoimmune diseases in the United States. The mass food production has significantly altered what is now classified as food as compared to that prior to the 1940’s. The combination drastic changes in our diet and increased toxin exposure in a post-industrialized society has contributed to the rise in autoimmune disease.

An important variant is the effect of stress.  Stress breaks down the body’s systems, which can create dysregulation in the immune system. This opens the door for leaky gut syndrome and can manifest in autoimmune issues. Environmental and food toxins coupled with increased stress levels can be the perfect breeding ground for autoimmune diseases to develop. However it is important to note that each of these individual factors can cause autoimmune disease to manifest on their own.

Western medical doctors treat diseases by providing medications that suppress the immune system such as corticosteroids, chemotherapy agents and newer injectables.  TNF alpha blocking agents like Humira and Remicade block the immune system, which is needed to maintain homeostasis, fight off and prevent the disease processes from beginning.  These drugs have very serious side effects that include depressing the immune system and worsening the effects of infections and cancer.

The Functional Medicine approach treats autoimmune diseases by looking at the underlying factors that lead to the immune system being deregulated. These factors can include disease processes such as leaky gut, food sensitivities, toxins, mold, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, infections, etc.  Functional Medicine looks at the best strategies for correcting this by identifying the cause and catalyst of those agents.

Once you identify the cause and remove the factors that negatively affect the G.I. and immune system, a strategy to intervene can be formed. A nutritional strategy to repair and restore the gut is recommended. By reestablishing the mucosa tolerance and re-balancing the bacterial landscape, gut health is rebuilt and the immune system can function and respond unimpaired.

The podcast will cover these topics in more depth and detail. You will learn more about how toxins behave. For example, how BPA and heavy metals found in plastics insert itself in the metabolic pathway and disrupt it by misplacing nutrients. You will also learn how to test for autoimmune disease and learn the role infections play in increasing our risk. More importantly, you will learn how to improve your health and nutritional deficiencies.


Dr. Arland Hill’s Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition practice is still accepting new patients, so go to his website:


or call his office to schedule an appointment  281-557-7200.

Dr. Ben Weitz is also available for nutrition consultation by calling his office at 310-395-3111.

Allergies with Dr. Susanne Bennett: Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 005

Dr. Susanne Bennett discusses a natural approach to Allergies with Dr. Ben Weitz. Dr. Bennett is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine doctor with over 27 years of experience and author of such notable publications as Mighty Mito and The Seven Day Allergy Makeover. In addition to her practice and her books, Dr. Bennett, hosts a weekly podcast, “Wellness for Life” on Radio M.D. and I Heart Radio.

Allergies are a particularly timely discussion, Dr. Bennett asserts, as we transition from winter, known as the mold allergy season, to spring, the pollen allergy season. A large portion of our population is experiencing sinus congestion, coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. These are the typical symptoms of allergic reactions that send patients running to the doctor’s office. There, patients are prescribed over the counter conventional drugs such as Zyrtec, Allegra and Claritin. If the symptoms continue to persist, antibiotics are prescribed. These medications, while effective in treating the symptoms of allergic reactions, do not treat the underlying cause.

Functional Medicine doctors, like Dr. Bennett, try to determine the triggers and underlying causes of allergies in each patient. In, “Seven Day Allergy Makeover”, Dr. Bennett defines allergies as “the reaction that occurs when an allergen is inhaled, ingested or comes into contact with the skin and stimulates an immune reaction by the body.” These reactions are often subtle and delayed. Mold, pollen, dust, foods, heavy metals, chemicals and toxins are often found to be the cause. Common inhalants known to cause allergic reactions include; pollen, trees, grass, weeds and flowers. Chemicals pollutants as well as, perfumes, smog, car exhaust, paint, furniture and the formaldehyde in new cars are all allergy-causing irritants.

The most common allergies are food allergies. Food sensitivities and intolerances can have a 24-hour postprandial delay. This delay often leads to undiagnosed food allergies. Symptoms exhibited include; headaches, bowel issues and or skin rashes. For patients exhibiting severe reactions avoidance and or elimination of allergy triggering food from diet is recommended. Fixing gut allergies first helps alleviate nasal and skin allergies as well as addresses hidden issues like reflux and joint pain. Neglecting the gut can lead to malabsorption of the nutrients needed for health. In this in depth discussion Dr. Bennett discusses the seven most common food allergies she treats in her patients, and how they benefited, when those foods were removed.

Diary and gluten are the first two primary allergens Dr. Bennett addresses. Humans by the age of five, particularly in the US, stop producing the enzyme lactase needed to properly digest the lactose found in dairy products. The continued ingestion of dairy without this enzyme causes a lactose intolerance or allergy. Gluten causes inflammation of the gut and disrupts the gut lining triggering allergies that can eventually lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Sugar is a big problem because it increases the overgrowth of bacteria and yeast in the gut. If you have an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast the sugar feeds off of them causing systemic inflammation. Special sugars, called fermentable carbohydrates, are inflammatory foods. Because we lack the enzymes to digest them, we become sugar intolerant.

Moldy foods are another common cause of allergies, explains Dr. Bennett. Cheese, packaged fruits and vegetables that aren’t washed well will grow mold. She explains that some people think they have developed a strawberry or nut allergy when many times it’s the mold that’s growing on them that’s the catalyst.

Alcohol is another allergen at the root of these gut issues. When you have a dysbiosis of the gut combined with too much sugar or too much fruit, containing mold, you can brew your own alcohol. It’s called auto-brewing, which creates ethanol.

Peanuts and cashews are very problematic to gut health. Peanuts and cashews are made from pods, which makes them wet, this combined with the manufacturing process they undergo, at high heat, create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Almonds, pecans and walnuts have thick shells and do not share that issue.

In the “Seven Day Allergy Makeover”, Dr. Bennett provides a comprehensive food checklist as well as additional tips on gut allergies which can be found on her website. Dr. Bennett discusses her use of a comprehensive intake and diagnostic system that allows her to help her patients in the alleviation of allergies and their associated symptoms. Initial testing and diagnostics include:

  • Muscle Testing
  • Elimination/ Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Cyrex Testing

In this podcast you will learn her strategic ways of eliminating allergens from your home and good tips for creating a healthier environment in your child’s bedroom.  For additional information please refer to the full length and in depth pod-cast discussion where she tackles this important issue.

If you would like more information about Dr. Susanne Bennett or would like to schedule an appointment with her, please access her website, http://drsusanne.com/

Here is the link to her podcast/radio show: http://drsusanne.com/radio/

Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 004: Acid Reflux with Jeanette Ryan

Dr. Ben Weitz and Dr. Jeanette Ryan discuss Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder and digestive health and treatments using herbal and nutritional strategies.  Dr. Ryan sees quite a number of patients with some GERD symptoms such as spasmotic cough, frequent clearing of the throat, belching, and usually there is fatigue involved.  Fatigue occurs, according to Dr. Ryan because if you don’t secrete enough hydrochloric acid to break down proteins, then you don’t have enough amino acids to repair all of your organs and you don’t absorb iron and B12 enough to make hemoglobin.  She will usually place such a patient on a stomach healing protocol, which consists of a temporary avoidance of histamine containing foods, including avoiding red wine, chocolate cheese, tomato, mango, and pineapple.  These foods tend to stimulate the secretion of histamine, which irritates the stomach lining.  Then she will recommend some stomach healing herbs and neutraceuticals, including diglycerized licorice. One of her favorite combination products is Gastric Comfort by Ness, which contains some herbs and digestive enzymes. 

Dr. Ryan also explained that frequently there are microbes in the stomach like helicobacter pylori and campylobacter that affect the parietal cells that form hydrochloric acid and they suppress the acid formation. You have to clear these microbes out and Dr. Ryan said that antibiotics tend not to be very effective. She said that some argue that you need these bacteria for the health of the stomach, but she hasn’t found this to be the case. She likes to use Interphase by Klaire labs to clear these microbes by dissolving the biofilms in combination with zinc carnosine that is cytotoxic to these bacteria. Dr. Ryan said it takes about three weeks to heal a stomach properly. 

Dr. Jeanette Ryan is available for nutritional consultations with clients and can be contacted by her website   https://www.drjeanetteryan.com  or 310-395-3653   Dr. Weitz is also available for nutritional consultations to help you with Acid Reflux and other digestive disorders  310-395-3111.