Obesity/Weight Loss

I can definitely help you to lose weight and reach your health goals, since I have helped many others to lose body fat and keep it off.  After thoroughly reviewing your health history, recent laboratory reports,  and discussing your health goals, I will weigh you, and measure your body composition with bioimpedance analysis.  In office blood glucose testing and urinalysis for Ph may be performed.  If you have not had any recent laboratory testing done, I may ask to have some testing done by your MD or with a local lab or with one of the specialty labs that we deal with, including Spectracell and Genova.   Then I will design a custom nutrition and lifestyle program to help you reach those goals.  The recommendations are easy to follow and you do not have to weigh anything.  I will discuss and recommend specific exercises and the duration and intensity of the exercise, as well as other lifestyle recommendations.

Since there are a number of toxic substances that are common in our environment that have an obesogenic effect, I may want to start with several weeks of detoxification to clear some of these chemicals out of your body.  Such obesogenic substances include Bisphenol-A and perflurooctanoic acid, one of the main toxic chemicals contained in teflon pans, and these are present in the bloodstream of 95% of Americans.  These obesogens disrupt our metabolism, affect our hormones, and lead to increases in fat cells.  Our version of detoxification would involve specific dietary restrictions along with a medical food supplement that supports both phase I and phase II of liver detoxification.

I will ask you to return for follow up visits so I can monitor your improvements and coach you and adjust your program till you reach your goals.  I will repeat the bioimpedance analysis on each visit, so I can make sure that the weight you lose is mostly fat rather than muscle or water.  With gimicky fast weight loss programs (such as the HCG diet) many clients lose mostly water and muscle.  Loss of muscle results in your metabolic rate slowing down, which makes it harder to continue losing weight.  I will adjust your program to make sure that most of your weight loss is fat.  With our program, no client has not reached their goals, unless they did not follow the program.  I guarantee that you will also reach your goals, as long as you follow my healthy eating and exercise recommendations.