A Wakeup Call That Dr. Weitz Answered

When I came to Dr. Weitz back in October 2010, I was a mess. My cholesterol and blood sugar were becoming a problem for the first time in my life, and my physician was ready to put me on a list of horrible medications to “get my numbers down”. Dr. Weitz started me on a clean diet consisting of fresh vegetables, plenty of good proteins and daily vitamins and fish oil. A couple of weeks later, the diet was augmented with a weekly exercise program. About 3 weeks into the process, I began to feel different. When I looked at food, I saw it as fuel. When I looked at my body, I saw it as a representation of my energy. Eating and exercise became something that made sense to me now. Dr. Weitz and I continued to meet weekly to review my diet and monitor my numbers.

After a couple of months, the results were beginning to show. And then it was time for the blood test. We needed confirmation that we were taking the right steps. The results were “phenomenal”! Everything was within range..everything! My blood sugar went from over 150 down to 89! My cholesterol was down from over 250 to 138! And the rest of the panel showed a consistency with a healthy athlete. Everything achieved with diet and exercise! I would recommend Dr. Weitz and his staff for all your nutritional needs. He is calm, collective, absolutely confident in his solutions and a positive reinforcement in your path to good health! I will continue to use his services as I further shape my life and body! Thanks Dr. Weitz and staff for everything!