February 24, 2011

(Severely sprained cervical facet with intense, mind numbing spasms) My head felt like an ‘anvil’ fixed tightly to my throbbing neck. Couldn’t move w/out terrific pain. Even thinking was painful. 3 days of agony finally brought me to the office. He introduced himself, asked pertinent questions and even helped me off with the shirt. With a sparkle in his eye that reminded me of Kurt Russell, the man got to work.

All fears disappeared as the comfort level rose with his healing touch. Yeah, it was a bit brutal at first but we conversed about everything while he massaged deeply and effectively before attempting the ‘neck thing’. I was way too tense and only got one ‘crack’. (Subsequent visits eliminated this procedure, gratefully, as I just couldn’t relax enough). The ‘electric stimulation’ followed and I was even covered with a warm blanket by one of his caring staff. The ‘stim’ produced the other welcomed ‘crack’. I was discharged with this fair and profound warning, “it’ll get much worse before getting better”. An understatement that nearly sent me to the ‘ER’ but due to Dr. Ben’s expertise and level of trust I gained from him, I persevered. The 4 following visits released even more misery and I got much, much better.

I gotta tell ya; his affable demeanor, thorough knowledge, and pleasingly infectious laugh encouraged me to follow all his directions and sure enough, I’m no longer sporting an ‘anvil head’. I looked forward to our meetings!

I believe that Dr. Ben Weitz is actually a genie released from his bottle to grant all of our wishes for pain relief to come true. He certainly did mine. He practices what he preaches and not once displays that tiresome arrogance one is subjected to from traditional, Western MD’s.

Plus, and this is a HUGE plus for me, we made each other laugh through the pain!

Thank you Doctor Ben Weitz and your unbelievably compassionate and caring staff for helping to make me better and functional again.

I’ll see you again strictly for an adjustment, I hope.

Sincerely and With Great Gratitude,
PS…There aren’t enough stars here.