Nutrition for Seizures

I came to Ben Weitz D.C.  after suffering three seizures in three years and losing my driver’s license.  I had seen several neurologists and had numerous tests done for epilepsy, stroke, and other brain issues, such as CAT scans, without results. The only tests that had abnormal results and stood out were my blood tests. Extremely low potassium levels with the first incident and low vitamin levels with the third incident. With no physical changes in my brain, my neurologist only addressed the symptoms.

I went to see Dr. Weitz as a Functional Nutrition client and after a detailed consultation, Dr. Weitz ran some blood and urine tests and a comprehensive stool test.  We discovered that I had slightly high blood sugar levels and many vitamin and mineral levels were low.  I also had high mercury levels.  

Dr. Weitz suspected malabsorption issues, so we did a DNA based stool test.  Dr. Weitz sound that I had a parasite, some pathogenic bacteria, H. Pylori, multiple protozoa, and fungal overgrowth.  He put me on a protocol of nutritional supplements to balance my system and then to reduce the parasites and H. Pylori bacteria. He also gave me some supplements to reduce the mercury and restore nutritional balance.

I have since then eliminated my seizures and my colon issues including bloating, gas pain, lost 12 pounds of body fat. My energy is now consistent throughout the day instead of the normal slumps. I have my driver’s license and my life back!

I will continue to follow up with Dr. Weitz to be sure that I stay on the right path.