Chiropractic For Headaches

A patient recently approached me at the gym and said that his daughter had been suffering with a headache for over a week. The pain was excruciating. Her medical doctor had been prescribing various pain medications, which were not helping. I told him to bring her to my office because some headaches are caused by misalignments in the neck.

This patient came to see me on Saturday and it was clear that she had a misalignment of one of the vertebrae in her upper neck near her skull, as well as tightness in the muscles under the skull in the back of the neck. We did some massage to loosen these muscles and the other muscles surrounding the vertebrae in the neck area, that add muscular tension. A specific chiropractic adjustment and some additional therapy and her headache was gone.

Does chiropractic always work that quickly? No way. A lot of times, it does not even start to feel better till a day or two after the treatment. And it it not unusual to require 8 to 12 treatments and sometimes more treatments to see significant improvement. Just like physical therapy or working out, chiropractic can take time and repeated therapy to change the body and help it to function better. And some regular readjustments can be helpful to keep your body functioning smoothly. An adjustment every 2 to 4 weeks works well for many people.

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