Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 004: Acid Reflux with Jeanette Ryan

Reflux with Dr. Jeanette Ryan

Dr. Ben Weitz and Dr. Jeanette Ryan discuss Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder and digestive health and treatments using herbal and nutritional strategies.  Dr. Ryan sees quite a number of patients with some GERD symptoms such as spasmotic cough, frequent clearing of the throat, belching, and usually there is fatigue involved.  Fatigue occurs, according to Dr. Ryan because if you don’t secrete enough hydrochloric acid to break down proteins, then you don’t have enough amino acids to repair all of your organs and you don’t absorb iron and B12 enough to make hemoglobin.  She will usually place such a patient on a stomach healing protocol, which consists of a temporary avoidance of histamine containing foods, including avoiding red wine, chocolate cheese, tomato, mango, and pineapple.  These foods tend to stimulate the secretion of histamine, which irritates the stomach lining.  Then she will recommend some stomach healing herbs and neutraceuticals, including diglycerized licorice. One of her favorite combination products is Gastric Comfort by Ness, which contains some herbs and digestive enzymes. 

Dr. Ryan also explained that frequently there are microbes in the stomach like helicobacter pylori and campylobacter that affect the parietal cells that form hydrochloric acid and they suppress the acid formation. You have to clear these microbes out and Dr. Ryan said that antibiotics tend not to be very effective. She said that some argue that you need these bacteria for the health of the stomach, but she hasn’t found this to be the case. She likes to use Interphase by Klaire labs to clear these microbes by dissolving the biofilms in combination with zinc carnosine that is cytotoxic to these bacteria. Dr. Ryan said it takes about three weeks to heal a stomach properly. 

Dr. Jeanette Ryan is available for nutritional consultations with clients and can be contacted by her website   https://www.drjeanetteryan.com  or 310-395-3653   Dr. Weitz is also available for nutritional consultations to help you with Acid Reflux and other digestive disorders  310-395-3111.

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