Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 013: Optimal Fitness with Mike Mutzel

Optimal Fitness with Mike Mutzel

Dr. Weitz inteviews Mike Mutzel on some of the newest strategies to help you lose weight and get into great shape.  Mike and Dr. Ben both agree that it is best if you can not only teach others how to be more fit and healthy, but also to lead your life that way.  They both walk the walk as well as talking the talk. Mike explains how overtraining, such as doing excessive cardio, has negative consequences.  Mike recommends weight training 4 times per week as well as doing some yoga and some high intensity cardio, such as interval training. Mike explains that you have to beat your body up in order to stimulate it to adapt and get stronger and more fit.

Mike recommends taking branch chain amino acids, specifically L-leucine, which promotes muscle growth signalling.  He also recommends consuming a little caffeine prior to going to the gym, which stimulates fat burning and stimulates their nervous system.  Mike also talks about the importance of getting enough protein through your diet, if you want to improve in your strength and muscle building.

Mike also talks about respecting the body’s natural circadian rhythm and that antioxidants should only be taken at night, since if taken before workouts, it might interfere with the free radical stress that is part of how exercise stimulates our body’s adaptation and this lead us to get stronger. Mike also likes alkaline creatine and beta alanine as performance enhancers.  Beta alanine is a lactic acid buffer.

Mike talks about the importance of brown fat and how taking a cold shower will stimulate the production of brown adipose tissue, which is metabolically active.  Fat is not just inert. It is immunologically and metabolically active.

Check out Mike Mutzel’s website and his High Intensity podcast: http://highintensityhealth.com/ Also order his excellent book, Belly Fat Effect https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/belly-fat-effect-msc-mike-mutzel/1119083881?ean=9780991070312

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