Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 027: EMF Dangers with Daniel Debaun

Daniel Debaun talks to Dr. Ben Weitz about the dangers of EMF radiation, given off by cell phones, computers, ipads, wifi, microwaves, electric toasters, alarm clocks, etc.  As evidence has been accumulating that there is potential harm and negative health effects from these forms of radiation, the industry has its head in the sand, telling us that there is no problem.  Meanwhile the cell phone companies are having you sign wavers that they will not be responsible if you get brain cancer or some other health condition from cell phone radiation.  At the present time, we do not have the highest level of proof in double blind, placebo controlled studies on large groups of people and meta-analyses of studies that demonstrate that cell phone and other forms of EMF radiation cause brain tumors and other injuries.  

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2:35  Daniel Debaun is an expert on EMF radiation, EMF shielding, and EMF related health issues. Daniel has over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecom industry.  He co-authored Radiation Nation, which available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/radiation-nation-daniel-t-debaun/1126406601   

4:00  I asked Daniel to explain what EMF radiation is and what are the mains sources of EMFs in our environment? Daniel explained that in nature there are no EMFs. They are what we produce from electronic products or electric products. They are produced from your hair dryer, stove, microwave, toaster, and your alarm clock. They produce EMF radiation on the low end of the spectrum. On the higher end is the signal from and to your cell phone, your wifi signal to your laptop, the bluetooth connection to your car speaker system. EMF radiation is an omnidirectional form of radiation and it penetrates your walls and has a potential to create harm.

6:58 I asked Daniel about air travel, which I have heard exposes us to a high level of radiation? When you are in a jet, you are surrounded by aluminum and every 6-10 feet they have wifi transmitters and so you are getting exposed to lots of EMF radiation.

7:50  I asked what is the state of the research as to the definitive proof that EMFs create harm to humans?   Daniel explained that we just don’t have that much data yet, since it has really only been the last ten years that our exposure to cell phone radiation has been as extensive as it is now.  He compared the cell phone industry to the cigarette industry in the 70s, when they were still trying to tell people that cigarettes were not harmful.  Daniel pointed out that the independent science shows that EMF radiation is harmful but all the scientific information that is supported by the industry shows that it is not harmful.  Last year the National Toxicity program, which is a division of the Federal Government, spent 25 million on a study in which they took transmitters of cell phones and they radiated two populations–one a little and one a lot. What they found is that there is a 2% increased likelihood of tumors that converted to cancers in the frontal lobe of the brain and in the heart.  The evidence that EMFs are harmful is really starting to accumulate.

13:10 I commented that it is also the case that wherever you carry your cell phone, that part of the body is more likely to experience harm. since it gets a higher dosage. I also commented that there was the study from UCLA where four women carried their cell phones in their shirts next to one of their breasts for an average of ten years, and all four of the women ended up with a tumor in that breast. Daniel pointed out that when a man takes a cell phone and puts it in their front pants pocket, within a few hours, 25% of the sperm is immobile.  Some scientists say that a 12 year old girl who is exposed to excessive radiation to her womb can lead to DNA changes that can affect future generations. 15:08  Daniel pointed out that some evidence indicates that a low level of radiation from a clock close to the womb of a pregnant woman can increase the risk of a miscarriage by three times.  The following is a list of scientific references on EMF radiation from Kim Eabry, MPH, https://www.creatinghealthyenvironments.com/emf-references 

15:42 I asked that, since alarm clocks give off EMFs and many people have them by their bedside, is there a best type of alarm clock to use?  Is there a way to shield your alarm clock? How far away should your clock be from your bed?   Daniel explained that simple distance is your best protection.  If you put your clock four feet away, then there is very little danger. Take your phone and put it into another room. EMF radiation can damage your cells and also adversely affect melatonin production in the brain.

17:55 I mentioned that I believe that the metal coils in your mattress can conduct electricity and amplify a wifi signal. Daniel answered that low level radiation like your dryer would not be attracted to these coils, but your wifi would be drawn to it.

20:05 I asked about the safety of microwaves and Daniel explained that microwaves can damage the food and turn it into a carcinogen and the benefits of the food will be diminished.

21:25  I asked what the biggest health risks from EMFs are? Are they damage to the brain or cognitive effects or cellular damage or DNA damage?  Daniel answered that it is all of them.  It can damage your hands, cause reproductive damage, and it creates oxidative stress to the cells.  It is a toxin to the cells. Did you know that 20% of our population is electromagnetically sensitive–mostly women?  The more exposure we have to these EMFs the more likely that someone will get a headache when they bring a cell phone to their head. Leukemia and ADHD have been linked to electromagnetic exposure.

25:16 I asked about regulations on EMFs that are discussed in his book, Radiation Nation?  The regulation is based on a six foot male who occasionally holds a cell phone up to his ear and the signal could not penetrate more than one inch and cannot heat up more than two degrees. The regulation was based on the thermal impact, whereas the most important factor is the biological factor, the impact on the cell and the DNA and what happens five or ten years from now.  For this reason, the standard regulation is archaic.  And the 5G standard that is just coming in will be potentially even more damaging to the cells.  The impact to a child’s head could potentially be much worse, given a smaller, softer skull and a developing brain. And nobody anticipated having a laptop or ipad in your lap directly over your reproductive organs for hours at a time playing a game with an RF transmitter coming out of the front. That’s how parents babysit their children and it’s not a good thing.

29:25 I mentioned that for the new 5G telcom system they are trying to put cell phone towers on every block and this has created controversy.  Daniel pointed out that your current cell phone signal is a 2 gighertz signal and with the current 4G system you can put up to 10 gigahertz of data. The new 5G doubles the volume of data and it requires 10-50 times more speed of signal.  The Federal Govt. is changing the requirements so that local communities are no longer able to approve bringing in these cell phone towers, just like they are doing with smart electrical meters on your home.   

31:56  I asked what we can do to shield ourselves from the potentially harmful effects of having a smart meter attached to the outside of our home by the power company? Daniel answered that if the smart meter is on the outside of your garage and there is 20 feet between the meter and the inside of your house, then there is little danger to you. The key is having that distance.  If the meter is against a wall of your bedroom, move your bed at least 10 feet away because that meter is a constant load for along period of time. 

34:05  I asked about shields to protect you from your cell phone and laptop emissions?   Daniel said you can’t shield yourself from your neighbor’s wifi but you can use shields to protect your self from the signal coming from your laptop or cell phone.  Daniel’s company, Defender Shield, sells such products. Daniel recommends using your cell phone in speaker phone rather than holding the phone up to your ear. Using blue tooth is an RF signal, which is a microwave signal, so it is not safer.  If you are in your car and you want to use blue tooth, put your phone on the seat next to you instead of in your pocket. At night, turn your wifi off with a timer.


Daniel Debaun offers various products to protect us from EMF radiation through his company, Defender Shield:  https://www.defendershield.com/  You can send Daniel a message through this website.

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for nutrition consultations and chiropractic care at 310-395-3111.

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