Anti-Aging with Dr. Christine Horner: Rational Wellness Podcast 029

Dr. Christine Horner speaks to Dr. Ben Weitz about strategies to deter the aging process using the principles of Ayurveda, diet, exercises and lifestyle.  Dr. Horner explained that when she went to medical school, they learned very little about preventing chronic diseases or promoting your health. She explained that most cases of breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases can be prevented. Her breakthrough moment was when she learned how to meditate and about Ayurvedic medicine.  

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Dr. Horner can be reached through her website, http://www.drchristinehorner.com/ where you can buy a copy of her book, Radiant Health Ageless Beauty. Dr. Horner is also available for consultations and for public speaking. 

Dr. Weitz is also available for nutrition consultations as well as chiropractic work at 310-395-3111.

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