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Del Bigtree discusses the issues with Vaccine Safety in his interview with Dr. Ben Weitz and why vaccines are not being made as safe as they could. I introduced Del Bigtree as an Award winning producer for the TV show The Doctors and for the controversial documentary, Vaxxed.  I asked Del how he came to be so passionate about vaccine safety? Del explained that he is passionate guy and he cares about people. He also said that he is skeptical that when selling drugs that make billions of dollars that the companies will always have the public’s interest number one at the highest decision making level. Money always seems to come first. He investigates with that level of skepticism.  Vaccines are a product that are meant to make us healthier and his investigation into them has revealed that safety is really the last consideration rather than the first. And we are talking about a product that is injected into one day old babies. This should require the up most scrutiny into their safety but the opposite seems to be true.

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3:32 We have a product in vaccines that are being mandated across this country and forced, such as in California, where they eliminated the exemptions. This means that the state decides what gets injected into our children and we have no say in the matter, if we want our kids to go to public and most private schools.  That is a dangerous step for a democracy. We have to be careful about losing control over our rights. Some people don’t believe in vaccines, for a variety of reasons or just want to spread them out more. And for those who do believe in vaccines, we need to make them as safe as possible. We have to understand that every year kids are injured and some are killed by vaccines. There is a long list of problems and we should try to reduce this list.

5:38  I said that there is something appealing about the concept of vaccines, from a Functional Medicine perspective. We know that infectious diseases have been big killers of people throughout the ages. For bacterial infections, we have antibiotics, but for viruses, we don’t have any effective drugs. The concept of vaccines is appealing because it involves using your body’s own immune system to create antibodies to fight off viruses. It is more natural than using a foreign drug to kill off the infectious disease. Unfortunately, in our capitalist health care system, profit is a big factor. One of the things in our system that forces companies to make safer products is that they can get sued if they make a less safe product. Unfortunately, when it comes to vaccines, that market force has been eliminated by the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act, that prevent the companies that make the vaccines from being sued. I asked Del to explain this law and why it plays a role in vaccine safety.  Del said that he also believes that it is a noble pursuit for science to figure out a way to protect us from infectious diseases and that vaccines are a great idea. But have we have to make them as safe as possible and it is really law suits that forces companies to make safer products. If 2 or 3 air bags fail in your car and you have Toyota is recalling every car on the continent. Two kids die getting their heads caught in cribs and they are recalling every crib. Thus the market incentivizes companies not to put out unsafe products, because it costs them millions of dollars to recall it. But the vaccine industry is one of the only companies that does not have that liability. That is because the vaccine manufacturers were getting so many law suits because of the DTP vaccine, which was a very problematic vaccine that was causing a lot of injury and deaths, and they went to congress and lobbied to get this National Vaccine Injury Act passed, saying that they were going to stop making vaccines without it. This law takes away the incentives for the companies that make the vaccines to do safety studies. In fact, the only exception written into the 1986 law is that the pharmaceutical industry cannot be sued unless they know about an adverse event related to vaccines that they fail to report. Thus, if the pharmaceutical companies don’t do any safety studies and don’t document any adverse events, then they have no liability. Thus they are disincetivized not to perform safety studies. In order to get a vaccine on the market, the criteria is all about its efficacy.  All the pharmaceutical company has to prove is does it provide protection against that infectious disease? Does it create antibody titers in your body?  Nobody is studying whether all the other ingredients in that vaccine cause cancer or SIDS or neurological disorders like autism, or autoimmune disease over time, nobody is looking at.

11:09 In 1986 we had 11 vaccines and now in 2017 we have 53 vaccines taken in 72 dosages by the time you are 18 years of age. Graph this increase in vaccines against the increase in autoimmune diseases in the US. In 1986 we had 12.8% autoimmune diseases and now we 54% of American children have an autoimmune disease or neurological disorder.  Del thinks that our vaccine program has something to do with this.  All the medical experts like Dr. Sanjay Gupta keep telling us that vaccines have been extensively studied and that they are perfectly safe and that they do not cause autism and Del says that, as a medical journalist who has read every study related to vaccines, that that is a lie. Vaccines have not been adequately studied for safety.

12:17 I asked what are the approximate number of injuries that have occurred from vaccines? 


Del Bigtree is an Emmy award winning TV producer, having produced some episodes of the Doctor’s Show, and produced Vaxxed, a documentary about vaccines. He has a podcast, Highwire, and runs the Informed Consent Action Network http://icandecide.org/ 

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure as well as sports chiropractic work by calling his Santa Monica office 310-395-3111.


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