Weight Loss with Dr. Philip Goglia: Rational Wellness Podcast 042

Dr. Philip Goglia speaks about how to help his clients lose weight with Dr. Ben Weitz. 

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Podcast Highlights

1:48  Dr. Goglia explains how he increases compliance among his clients by asking clients who don’t follow their food program to “walk the pig.” He actually has a large plastic pig with wheels and a leash around it that he asks clients to bring home if they have not been following their meal plan. This increases his clients’ compliance with their weight loss program. 

3:56  Philip briefly explained his metabolic typing concept that allows him to determine the best nutrition program for each person.  Philip explained that this program is both proven by science and tested in practice by him and others since the 1980s. He says that when he was studying nutrition at Duke University they discovered three metabolic structures: clients who are efficient at digesting fats and proteins, clients who are efficient at eating carbohydrates, and duel metabolizers. This will also be indicated by their lipid profile that he tests in office. Once you are eating an appropriate macronutrient pattern for how your body works, you’ll find that you have more energy, you’ll lose weight, and you’ll be healthier.  And this food program will be sustainable over time. If not, you’re on the grapefruit and milk diet and you might lose 10 lbs but you’ll just gain it back later. Also, don’t be fooled by weight loss. If you start almost any new food program, because your calories were mismatched and all over the place and because your caloric heat patterns are stabilized, you’ll lose 10 lbs.  But does this program suit your chemical structure–that is the big question?  According to Dr. Goglia, if you are on the wrong food program for your metabolic type, your weight loss will stop. At this point, clients are inclined to think that they need to exercise more and eat less. But calories are a measure of heat energy and your metabolism is a measure of that heat. If you don’t create enough heat, you can’t burn fat. If you exercise more, you break down muscle tissue. If you exercise more, you need to eat more to support new muscular density. The more you eat, the more heat you generate and more bodyfat you lose. Think about taking up less space in the room. Weigh as much as you can, taking up less room in the room. Muscle is heavy and dense.

11:20  Dr. Goglia explained that you need to keep in mind that working out, going to the gym is not building you up. It breaks you down. It is when you rest and sleep and when you eat protein that you use to build muscle.

12:44  Philip discusses the proper diet and explains that 70% of the population is fat and protein efficient and have insulin resistance and will do better on a high protein, high fat, managed carbohydrate program. We have all these low carb programs today like Paleo, South Beach, Bullet Proof, and Ketogenic, but Dr. Atkins was very successful years ago with a low carb program and his program is really being rebranded without giving him credit. Dr. Atkins was the one who said you are not going to run a marathon at night and you don’t need a bunch of carbs with dinner. These carbs will just prevent your body from going into deep REM sleep, so you’ll wake up tired and craving carbs again. Your dinner should be your biggest protein meal to rebuild the muscle you have broken down.

15:16 I asked Dr. Goglia what his recommendations are for types of exercise for weight loss?  Philip explained that he will often recommend that they start by focusing on changing their diet and just continue with their current exercise regimen. Once they are eating properly, then we can strategically modify their exercise to help them accomplish their goals. 


Dr. Philip Goglia is available to see clients by contacting his office at 310.392.4080 or through his website http://www.pfcnutrition.com/

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure, as well as chiropractic work, by calling the office 310-395-3111.

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