Parasites and Chronic Diseases with Dr. Todd Watts: Rational Wellness Podcast 243

Dr. Todd Watts discusses the Role of Parasites in Chronic Diseases with Dr. Ben Weitz.

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Podcast Highlights

1:16  Dr. Watts went through a lot of stress in 2008 during the recession and he lost his houses, his cars, and his health crashed and he suffered with Lyme Disease and Babesia and parasites and he had massive fatigue and brain fog and chronic back pain and joint pain, even while going to chiropractic college.  He discovered that parasites tend to upregulate Th2, which suppresses Th1.  He discovered that Mimosa Pudica Seed is really effective for both Lyme Disease and for parasites, so he launched his company Cellcore with a Mimosa Pudica product that he calls Para 1.  Mimosa helps in cleaning the GI system out and helps in clearing parasites that allows the immune system to rebalance and help take care of Lyme disease.

7:19  Dr. Watts believes that parasites are very common and parasites come through mosquito bites, flea bites, tick bites, through food, water and through being around household pets.  He does not feel that stool tests do a good job of screening for parasites. Stool tests will only screen for parasites that are in the stool and parasites are throughout the body and not always in the stool.  DNA based stool tests will only pick up parasites that they screen for and they only screen for a small handful of all the known parasites. Parasites upregulate part of our immune system and downregulate our Th1 function. This also results in motochondrial dysfunction and fatigue. 

11:47  Protocol for removing parasites. Dr. Watts said that when removing parasites the first step is to treat the gut, because if they’re not moving their bowels well and their lymphatic drainage isn’t working well, then they won’t be able to clear parasites and they will get swelling and headaches and skin problems. He recommends starting out with Para 1 and Para 2, which is a blend of Ayurvedic herbs, which helps to balance the gut and is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic.

14:46  Clearing parasites does not mean that we need to eliminate all toxins, but significantly reduces them and it also means that we have to deal with clearing toxins and we also need to restore our gut flora and the microbiome.

15:40  Toxins can store in our bones, fat, and other tissues in our bodies. A common understanding is that only oral chelating agents like DMSA and DMPS can pull these toxins out, but these substances may not really be true chelators because a chelator has ionic bonds, while fulvic acid and humic acids are natural substances that have many of the same properties as chelators and can help to remove toxins, though the FDA says that they cannot be called chelators.



Dr. Todd Watts, who’s nickname is “The Parasite Guy”, is one of the founders of CellCore Biosciences and he speaks regularly on foundational medicine and overcoming chronic illness.  He speaks often about parasites, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and mitochondrial health.  He is the owner of Total Body Wellness Clinic in Meridian, Idaho.  CellCore is a professional supplement company that only sells through the offices of health care practitioners and their website is CellCore.com

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for Functional Nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure and also weight loss and also athletic performance, as well as sports chiropractic work by calling his Santa Monica office 310-395-3111. Dr. Weitz is also available for video or phone consultations.


Podcast Transcript

Dr. Weitz:            Hey, this is Dr. Ben Weitz, host of the Rational Wellness Podcast. I talk to the leading health and nutrition experts and researchers in the field to bring you the latest in cutting edge health information. Subscribe to the Rational Wellness Podcast for weekly updates, and to learn more, check out my site, drweitz.com. Thanks for joining me and let’s jump into the podcast.

Hello, Rational Wellness Podcasters. Today, I’m excited to interview Dr. Todd Watts on how to overcome chronic health challenges like parasites, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, and other toxins. Our special guest today is Dr. Todd Watts, whose nickname is The Parasite Guy. He’s one of the founders of Cellcore Biosciences, and he speaks regularly on foundational medicine and overcoming chronic illness. He often speaks about parasites, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, mitochondrial health. He’s also the owner of Total Wellness Clinic in Meridian, Idaho. Dr. Watts, thank you so much for joining us today.

Dr. Watts:            Dr. Ben, good to be here. You can call me Todd.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. Thanks, Todd. So perhaps you can start by telling us about your personal health journey and how you were able to overcome your challenge with Lyme disease.

Dr. Watts:            So in 2008, the markets took a big hit, a lot of stress in my life and my health just crashed down and I lost everything, my houses, cars, and I went back to school to get my doctorate at the age of 41. With that, as I was going through that process, I had a lot of common symptoms that people have, chronic headaches, joint pain, a lot of brain function issues, word recall stuff, and I just couldn’t, even being at chiropractor school, I couldn’t get rid of my chronic back pain. I had wrist pain, joint pain in my hands and I couldn’t even recuperate it or work out. I went about almost nine, 10 years without being able to work out and recover. Probably the worst thing for me was fatigue. So I had fatigue, just general, this massive general fatigue, wanted to sleep all the time. Then the other thing was I had brain fatigue and muscle fatigue.

So I broke it down. Three things I had to overcome in fatigue world. For me, it was I got my overall energy back, but I still couldn’t work out. I still couldn’t recover, and then my brain started coming back after that. I realized later on that there’s different reasons why those other areas took longer to recover and have energy again.  So in my journey, and then becoming an doctor and helping other people with Lyme and Babesia. Babesia was probably a bigger factor than the Lyme was. Then in that journey, I realized that I kept cycling, and cycle issue is what a lot of us go through that have Lyme disease. I would do well for a while and then I’d crash, and do well for a while and crash.

I had this doctor say, “Hey, Todd. You probably have some issues with some parasites and you need to address parasites.” Well, I don’t know anything about parasites. I’ve heard of them. I lived in South America for a couple years, and I knew about them down there because you didn’t want to drink the water and you had to be careful what you ate. You didn’t eat the lettuce, and there’s a few things you didn’t eat because you know you’d get parasites. Well, I was 19-20 years old when I was down there and you’ll have diarrhea for a month. That’s just normal for being in South America, but I probably got parasite when I was down there.  So I started this journey and as I was working with people with chronic illness that as I started addressing parasites and understanding the immunology of how it works, all of a sudden my patients stopped cycling. My energy came back. I stopped cycling with Lyme and Babesia, and I got up to 90% better, and that’s where I then dove to more into the toxin world and understanding heavy metals and then getting into environmental toxins and glyphosate, and later on mold and mycotoxin illness, which wasn’t a struggle for me, but was a struggle for other people that I worked with quite significantly.

That’s where it helped me understand the importance of mitochondrial function and how that interacts with the immune system and then also Th1 versus Th2 immune function because if one side is suppressed because the other side is upregulated, which happens with parasites, parasites upregulate Th2, which suppresses Th1, which then you have all these viruses and Lyme and protozoan infections. It’s really hard to overcome that unless you take care of the other issue or mold will suppress them both and suppressing just overall mitochondrial function is an issue.  So for me, that was a big major hurdle in my area, and as I come across some new products that I brought to the market worldwide, which was Mimosa Pudica Seed, which is our Para 1 product, that massively changed my life, that also helped many thousands and thousands of other people in their journey. So my company, Cellcore, was launched with one product, and then we’ve developed other ones to help the process of people going through phases to get better in that long, long run.

Dr. Weitz:            Interesting. Interesting. We’re going to have Dr. Vojdani speak to our functional medicine group this month, and he’s got some new immune testing to look at Th1, Th2 balance and some other parts of the immune system.

Dr. Watts:            He’s great, and that’s fantastic. I remember listening to him speak before, and he said 60% of autoimmune disease is caught by toxicity, 30% by pathogens, and 10% other things. That stuck in my mind because at the time I thought, “Well, I thought pathogens, Lyme, and viruses, and these things cause most of autoimmune disease”.  He said, “No. It’s toxicity.”  He was right in what I’ve learned going through the process of understanding all the different types of toxins in today’s world and how we’re exposed to them on a daily basis through air, water, and food.

Dr. Weitz:            I noticed that one of the nutrition products you like to use for Lyme disease is Mimosa Pudica, which I interviewed Dr. William Rawls a few years ago and he mentioned that product and that’s not something I had heard of before. Is that something that you use regularly for Lyme patients?

Dr. Watts:            Well, when I first learned about it probably seven years ago, Dr. Klinghardt had been using a little bit of BioPure, but he didn’t have it available. As I dove into that product, he was using the bark of the whole seed, the whole plant. So I found a source out of India through an importer here from the US that I worked with, and he brought back to me one of the times was the seed itself. That’s where we launched our company four and a half years ago with just that product and how it works with Lyme disease is that it helps in cleaning the GI system out and also helps with clearing parasites in toxins that then allows the immune system to rebalance and help take care of Lyme disease issues.

Dr. Weitz:            Now, what do you think is the best way to test for parasites?

Dr. Watts:            Well, I always joke around is you put a couple fingers here and if you feel a pulse, you got a parasite. We live in this world that we all have them, and parasites can be in a whole variety of things, which 70% of them you can’t visualize or see. They come through mosquito bites, flea bites, tick bites, through food, through being around animals, through your water. I had a client I worked with, she was a pharmacist. Her husband was an engineer back east, and they found that they had parasites, and we found it in their water, in the municipality water that they had nematode larva in their municipality water. So it’s amazing where you think you’re getting clean access to stuff in the US but not always. So in reality-

Dr. Weitz:            We do a lot of stool testing and they screen for parasites and I have to say it doesn’t come off that often.  No. I totally agree with you. It rarely comes up. So I had to stop looking at that. I look at that as a factor of, “Okay. What’s going on maybe with different things?” but it rarely comes up with it, but then a proof I found is right in the toilet, and then in the research that I did with a lot of symptoms and the different types of parasites, if 78% of them are visible and they’re microscopic and they’re throughout the body, then how are you going to get that on a stool sample test?

Dr. Weitz:            Well, will the DNA technology pick it up?

Dr. Watts:            Oh, not necessarily because they’re not testing every parasite, right? They’re limited on how many parasites they’re testing and then are they testing Babesia? That’s a parasite. That’s like malaria. They tested malaria?  No, they’re not testing that. They’re testing for toxoplasma gondii or you start going into schistosoma or some of the hookworm stuff or the lung flukes. Lung flukes don’t come out in stool. So then you have liver flukes and you have pancreatic flukes. There’s blood flukes, and they start doing this deep dive into parasites, and there’s so many different kinds that they’re not testing for very many of them.  I just had to realize that I had to use more of my clinical knowledge and research versus relying on lab testing. Lab testing, there’s not a single lab test that’s accurate by itself, and that’s where I’ll use multiple lab tests to get a conclusion, but I also use common sense, assessment forms to help these people that have been sick for so long.

Dr. Weitz:            So you’re saying there’s really not a definitive task for parasites?

Dr. Watts:            No, not at all, not whatsoever. None of them are good. You have to assume that they have parasites. Otherwise, you’re going to have an imbalanced immune system because this is what happens. When people are coming to my clinic, they have a stack of labs like this and you look at, “Okay. What don’t they have?” So they have Lyme, and they have Bartonella, and they have cytomegalovirus, and they have HHV-6, and they have Epstein-Barr. There’s this whole list of everything they have. Do they really have an infection problem? No. They have an immune system problem.  So Th1 was suppressed. What suppresses Th1? This is my research. Then I found parasites do that, and it upregulates IgE and it upregulates other interleukins such as Interleukin 4, 5, and 13. That then will cause other suppression of issues within Th1 function. So when you start understanding the immune system with that, that just triggered my mind. It’s like, “Oh, wait a second. I’m treating Lyme all wrong years ago. I’ve been trying to treat the infection instead of looking at the bigger picture of how the body works, how the immune system works,” and when I did that, everything changed because when you’re looking at the function, what triggers the immune system?  There’s a cytokine called a mitokine. It’s an ATP molecule, which is what we use for energy, but also as a cellular signaling molecule outside the cell. So it tells our immune system, “Hey, look. There’s something going on here. So you’re going to be tired to fight this, and we’re not going to use that to make energy. We’re going to use that to fight and help your immune system work.”  That got my mind thinking like, “Okay. This is why I’ve been tired. This is why I’ve been fatigued. This is what I have going on here, why I can’t create this energy and work out again. It’s because there’s mitochondrial dysfunction due to toxins causing this problem.”

Dr. Weitz:            So what’s your protocol for getting rid of parasites?

Dr. Watts:            So what we do at first is because in my journey of helping people, the problem, “Oh, hey, let’s go after the gut and treat gut first because in functional medicine we learn you want to treat the gut first.” Now, what I’ve learned is people, if they’re not moving their bowels well and their drainage process isn’t working well, then they can have reactions and they can swell up. They can have headaches. They can have skin problems and breakouts. So the first step is to one, upregulate mitochondrial function so enzymatic processes can work, organs and systems can work. Make sure the bowels are moving, which we have a product for that and make sure the bile flow is moving.

So as you start getting these processes up, you get the bowels moving, the bile moving, the lymphatics moving, all this process, then the second phase to go in and start to clear things out of the bowels. So we have Para 1 and Para 2, which is the Mimosa Pudica Seed that helps to start clearing and scrubbing the gut, but also then a product that is Ayurvedically blended to help all three doshas, according to Ayurvedic medicine, and it really helps to balance the gut flora, clear out whether it’s bacteria, fungus, parasites. It’s a good broad overall herbal product.

Then we go deeper after that into more systemic parasites or infections as we go down the process. All along we’re we’re clearing and binding and we’re supporting drainage and we’re supporting energy. That process has really transformed my practice as well as many other doctors’ practices as we train and teach doctors, thousands of doctors that we’ve taught and trained now on this process, which has really helped people with chronic illness.


Dr. Weitz:            Interesting. I’ve really been enjoying this discussion, but I’d like to take a minute to tell you about a new product that I’m very excited about. I’d like to tell you about a new wearable called the Apollo. This is a device that can be worn on the wrist or the ankle, and it uses vibrations to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. This device has amazing benefits in terms of getting you out of that stressed out sympathetic nervous system and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. It has a number of different functions, especially helping you to relax, to focus, to concentrate, get into a deeper meditative state, even to help you sleep, and there’s even a mode to help you wake up. This all occurs through the scientific use of subtle vibrations.

                                For those of you who might be interested in getting the Apollo for yourself to help you reset your nervous system, go to apolloneuro.com and use the affiliate code, Weitz10. That’s my last name, WEITZ10. Now, back to the discussion.



Dr. Weitz:            How long do you find it typically takes to clear parasites?

Dr. Watts:            That’s a really good question because really, it’s an individual based thing because what I’ve learned is clearing parasites is not just about clearing parasites. It’s also helping support in the process of clearing toxins. You’ve got to clear toxins when you’re clearing parasites. You have to really help the emotional health because if you’re not clearing the parasites in your life, then parasites aren’t going to leave your body completely. You’re not going to balance it.  I don’t know that we ever clear parasites altogether because they have a role and function, but we have to get them down to a level that is not affecting our immune system so bad that then it doesn’t work, but there’s an emotional part to it. There’s a toxicity part to it, and then there’s a gut flora, restoring the microbiome in there that will then restore balance with parasites.

Dr. Weitz:            Now, one of the issues about toxins is that toxins tend to store in the body. They can store in the bone, they can store in the fat, they can store in various organs. From what I understand, I think the only way we can really get the toxins to come out of the bone and the other tissues is to use … I’m drawing a blank on the … What’s the oral DMSA, DMPS, the chelators, right? My understanding is if you use binders or something like that, that can get the toxins that are floating around the bloodstream, but the only way to get the toxins out from where they’re stored to get them out of the cells is to use oral chelating agents.

Dr. Watts:            So let’s take a look at what those oral chelating agents are, right? So you’re talking about DMPS, DMSA, and things. They have a very short life that they live, right? You have to constantly take them. They clear through the liver or, excuse me, through the kidneys. So you have to be cautious using these products. The other thing is they’re not a true chelator. So when we have a mixture what a chelator is, a chelator is those are ionic bonds, a double tail bond. They discuss that as a true chelator in certain realms of functional medicine, but a true chelator is a covalent bond, an organic process that occurs and happens, which happens with fulvic and humic acids.  So I think there’s just not full education on what a true chelator is, but we just put it out there just like we put out there, well, you have to be alkaline versus acidic. It’s a complete another rabbit hole that is inaccurate in functional medicine, as well as adrenal fatigue, which is another inaccurate thing that’s taught out there.

So when you’re looking at going deep in detoxing, part of it is supporting the proper enzymatic reactions within the body to do it. The other part is understanding what helps to chelate in the body. Well, metabolized toxins are bacteria. So then the bacteria and fungus and parasites all play a role with detoxifying or trying to balance the body itself, which is why people can have higher loads of fungus or candida or parasites or pathogenic bacteria because of the pleomorphic forms that have occurred.  So the toxins cause these things to pleomorph or to proliferate, which then become a problem, and what we’re doing or trying to do is to address those and just clear those things out without understanding that the processes is why is DMSA … You’re talking what are they chelating. So you’re thinking heavy metals is what I’m guessing, right?

Dr. Weitz:            Yup.

Dr. Watts:            So to me, heavy metals aren’t the main problem. Are you exposed to high heavy metals on a daily basis that are killing you and causing problems? No, you’re not. The key part that’s causing problems in people’s health is the 80 some thousand chemicals that is in the environment today and in our foods, whether it’s glyphosate, whether it’s all the different derivatives that go along with that, all the plastics. I mean, you can start going into a huge list of environmental chemicals. That’s what’s in your food, water, and the air that you’re getting at a much higher dosage than you are in heavy metal.

Dr. Watts:            Now, what makes a heavy metal bad for our bodies? I’ve asked this question to many doctors and they’re like, “Well, it’s just bad.” No. It’s the oxidative state of the heavy metal.

Dr. Weitz:            I mean, heavy metals have a whole lot of different negative effects. You take something like mercury, it’s estrogenic, it’s oxidative, it’s inflammatory, it’s neurogenic.

Dr. Watts:            When you look at the state of the chemical or the metal or the mineral because mercury is a mineral, it’s a metal, heavy metals are minerals, all metals are mineral, minerals or metals, so what makes it that way? It’s the oxidative state that causes the damage or stress to the body or the ability to interact with other molecules in the body. So if you can neutralize that, if you can neutralize that by either donating or giving electrons or protons, then you’re going to downregulate the damage from those and then allow the body to clear those out.  Also, you go in there with other molecules like our binders that will help to attach to those molecules in many ways, those metals in many different ways in a covalent bonding system, which is a chelator. We can’t call then chelators because FDA won’t allow us to call them a chelator, but in the research, it’s what it shows it as. So only drugs can chelate. So only drugs can chelate according to the FDA. So anybody else that says that something chelates is is making an FDA claim that’s inaccurate.  So we have to be careful with what does that, but scientifically, a chelator is something that’s organic, uses carbon to bond with the science part of it. I work with work with metallurgists, biochemists, chemical engineers, quantum physicists in this stuff to understand why metal are bad. It’s the oxidative state and ability to interact with other molecules within the body. The other chemicals-

Dr. Weitz:            Your company has certain products that essentially serve the same function as our chelators?

Dr. Watts:            Exactly. Our goal is to do on a natural side and that have a lot longer lifespan, and not that you have to be on it every two hours or every four hours to go through and take these, and you don’t even have to take the binders on an empty stomach two hours away from everything. You can take them at any time with food, without food at any time. So that’s what we teach in our system with Cellcore Biosciences is we teach doctors the science behind all this information and why people even have lead toxicity or other heavy metals within the body, what’s the source and what’s going on.  What I have found clinically, this is really interesting, is that it’s rare that I find that heavy metals are the main source of people’s health issues. What I find is that it’s mycotoxins, it’s other toxicity from environmental toxins that drive other things that cause most of the problems because the amount of exposure is much higher level than heavy metals.

Dr. Weitz:            So for parasites, are you using typical anti-parasitic herbs?

Dr. Watts:            So we have three products. The fourth one is coming out later this month, Para 1, 2, 3, and 4. They’re different in their blends and what they do, and are they typical? No, they’re not typical. One is an Ayurvedic blend. One is Mimosa Pudica Seed on its own, which is we’re the founding company to bring this worldwide to the market. The other ones is the Ayurvedic herb with neem, clove, vidanga, holarrhena, kutaja, triphala, and then there’s another blend that’s a tincture that has a variety of herbs that aren’t always common that people utilize, but what I’ve found is I spent two and a half years on formulating this to be able to go and clear specific, really hard parasites to clear out, and to really have high effectiveness and see the results whether they’re parasites coming out of people’s noses, parasites coming out of people’s skin, ears, eyes, people pulling parasites out their mouth. I had people pulling parasites out their back end.  So when I look at, “Is my product effective?” well, according to the thousands of practitioners that are using my products, they say these are more effective than anything on the market because of the results their patients are getting. So I’ve used a lot of brands in my clinic right before I’ve ever had these products. I just didn’t find the same results that I was getting with that. So a big part of it was because I was trying to get my own self better and experimenting in that direction.

Dr. Weitz:            So some of these products that you’re using that are serving as binders or are made from humic acid and-

Dr. Watts:            So fulvic, humic acid extracts with other co-factors that will allow them to be highly effective and be able to have high energy, to bind, to remove and repair, as well as to feed the microbiome.

Dr. Weitz:            So what are humic and fulvic acid?

Dr. Watts:            So that’s a huge, long story, but fulvic acid and humic acid is … The humic tends to be black, and the fulvic tends to be a light powder. Combined, they can be great looking, but it’s a binder that a lot are familiar with that have high energy and ability to bind a variety of different toxins, especially the way we build them and the variety of the PHS that they come in makes a big difference. The electrical connectivity of those are certainly high to be able to have that energy to get them through the body and be able to bind and have the energy to pull them out of the body.  So they’re organic material. That is plant material that has been decomposed over thousands of years, that has been pulled out of the soil and decomposed by bacteria that then is utilized and extracted from the earth.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. So let’s move on to mold toxins. Yep. So how do we test for mold toxins, and then what are some of the strategies for removing mycotoxins when patients are dealing with this issue?

Dr. Watts:            So there’s a variety of labs. I’ve used Great Plains Labs before. I’ve used Vibrant Labs in testing. They test a lot of different types of mold, but there’s Realtime labs, and there’s a variety of them. It just depends on what your favorite is. Currently, I’m using Vibrant Labs because they test for a lot of different types of mycotoxins. So I like to do the testing especially as I’m going through. So I have an assessment form that takes people through a variety of questions that will help me to look at do they possibly have Lyme or Bartonella or Babesia or parasites or mycotoxins and things, and then it helps me with the testing and I test everybody for mycotoxins because when I think I know the answer that they may not have mycotoxins and the next thing I know they’re not getting better, and then I test for mycotoxin and they have mycotoxin. So everybody that comes to my clinic, we test for mycotoxins.

What they do is they can suppress both Th1 and Th2 immune function. They suppress mitochondrial function, which suppresses immune function, which also suppresses energy. So then it creates a lot of oxidative stress in the body, and that’s why these people are a lot of times the worst when they’re sick because then they have Lyme and they have Epstein-Barr, and they have the mycotoxins and every illness out there, and then they’re sensitive to the environment.

So our process is to be able to help upregulate the processes and things that, one, clear and bind the mycotoxins, but two, also upregulate the enzymatic reactions that the mycotoxins suppress. So mycotoxins will downregulate NRF2 pathway, which in the cells downregulates the ability to convert these free radicals to water and also recycle glutathione in there that converts the free radical to a superoxide molecule all the way through to water.  So our goal is to get that process working, turn the energy factories on, and then bind the mycotoxins out and get the body working. It’s worth phenomenal. We’ve had great results looking from a clinical standpoint, looking at labs zero, three months, six months, nine months, and just seeing fantastic results on clearing mycotoxins out.  The key part, though, is they can be living and continue to live in mold and expect awesome results or if they have mycotoxins, which I have found in breast implants, if they’re in their body, then it’s really difficult until they get the breast implants removed.

Dr. Weitz:            Right. Do you use glutathione as part of your protocol for getting rid of mycotoxins?

Dr. Watts:            I actually don’t because glutathione doesn’t go systemic in the body. It’s utilized up in the digestive system. It’s a peptide, which means that it’s composed of three amino acids, and those three amino acids will be broken down in the stomach acid or through the pancreatic proteases that are created and then broken down to the individual amino acid and then utilized in the body.  So the best way to get glutathione in the cell is to recycle it, and that’s where we utilize our CT minerals, our MitoATP products, our HydrOxygen product, biomolecular oxygen type of products to be able to recycle the glutathione molecule, to upregulate the oxygen and upregulate all the protons and electrons within the cell function. That’s what our company specializes in is understanding things at a cellular level to recycle enzymatic reactions and processes to be able to take care of these problems.  Glutathione is best in the cell. The way it gets fixed is it goes from an oxidative state to a reduced state. It’s this constant recycling process and taking glutathione is not going to do that. So I haven’t had to use it, but I know a lot of doctors that do use it through functional medicine, but with the clients I’ve worked with it, it hasn’t been a necessary factor because I’m clearing the toxins, I’m clearing the infections, I’m upregulating the actual enzymatic processes that the body works on.  For example, the liver detoxification process, you have the phase one, phase two, and either phase three or transportation, bile flow. In phase one, what’s utilized in that process for cytochrome P450 is electrons, protons, oxygen, and a little bit of iron. Our products provide all those building blocks of life to be able to do that, and that’s what we did down to, and as my background I was telling you in biochemistry on teaching these things, that’s the basic molecules we’re looking at to repair the body is not a specific product, but how is that product helping at that cellular level to then make the changes that it needs.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. Can you tell us about this TUDCA product that you use to help get the bile flowing?

Dr. Watts:            Yeah. So interesting. Years ago, Dr. Jay was looking at, “Okay. Hey, what do people do, all these body builders, what do they take to repair their liver from all those damaging, from all this steroids they’re taking?” They have a biohack. What is that biohack?” He learned, “Oh, it’s TUDCA.” So he started using the TUDCA or the TUDCA.

Dr. Weitz:            Body builders taking this stuff? I don’t recall hearing about that.

Dr. Watts:            Yeah. That’s what it shows in the research. So that’s Dr. Jay research. He’s a fanatic researcher. So he figured out because he loves to biohack it and buy all the machines and buy all the different things. He came across that. So this is years ago. So he started using it with his chronic Lyme patients. All of a sudden, all these heart issues people were having went away when they took TUDCA. He’s like, “Okay. What’s happening here?”  So we researched it for about two and a half years to finally get a product that would be sustainable and reproducible. So what it does is it is an anti-inflammatory bile acid. The body makes bile. It dumps into the intestines, the duodenum, and then from there, the microbiome, the bacteria will convert that into TUDCA, which is an anti-inflammatory bile acid that has all these huge health benefits. There’s tons and tons of research that we’ve produced and put out there on that stuff that can help from brain issues to leaky gut, to bile flow. So it helps the body recycle bile. It helps to produce more bile from the liver. It helps to repair the liver in many functions in there.  It’s been a phenomenal product for that process because if you get a stagnant bio, it’s a real thick bile, then you’re going to absorb more toxins and it’s going to go more systemic, and you’re going to have a constant problem with not just toxins and hormones and a lot of other things that you need to clear out through the liver. So that’s part of the process of our drainage funnel is, “Hey, let’s be sure that we have good movement of our colon, and let’s be sure we have good bile flow, unless we have good lymphatic flow so we can drain and clear the body in this natural way versus just trying to detox it.”

Dr. Weitz:            So what does TUDCA stand for?

Dr. Watts:            TUDCA is tauroursodeoxycholic acid.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay, and this is one of the bile acids?

Dr. Watts:            Yup. It’s one of our products called Advanced TUDCA. It has a few other products, a few other ingredients in there with that to make it effective for liver function and repair and all the things we talked about with repairing liver function and anti-inflammatory process throughout the whole body down at the cellular level.


Dr. Weitz:                            I’d like to interrupt this fascinating discussion we’re having for another few minutes to tell you about another really exciting product that has changed my life and the life of my family, especially as it pertains to getting good quality sleep. It’s something called the chiliPAD, C-H-I-L-I-P-A-D. It can be found at the website chilisleep.com, which is C-H-I-L-I-S-L-E-E-P dot com.

So, this product involves a water-cooled mattress pad that goes underneath your sheets and helps you maintain a constant temperature at night. If you’ve ever gotten woken up because temperature has changed, typically gets warmer, this product will maintain your body at a very even temperature, and it tends to promote uninterrupted quality deep and REM sleep, which is super important for healing and for overall health.

If you go to chilisleep.com and you use the affiliate code, Weitz20, that’s my last name, W-E-I-T-Z, 20. You’ll get 20% off a chiliPAD. So, check it out and let’s get back to this discussion.


Dr. Weitz:            So what are you typically finding for say a patient who comes in to see you with some chronic health issues, and you determine that they have parasites or most likely have parasites, and maybe they have some Lyme disease or mycotoxins? How long does it usually take to get resolution for this patient of their underlying condition as well as their current symptoms?

Dr. Watts:            That’s a complicated question, Ben.

Dr. Weitz:            Of course, it is, and everybody’s different, we’re all individuals and some people respond well and some people don’t respond well, but I’m just asking for some ballpark idea.

Dr. Watts:            Yeah. So that’s a great question to the fact that has that person been sick for 20 years and haven’t found the solution? Has that person been sick for two years? It’s a completely different thing. Is that person sensitive to even their environment versus somebody that can actually take products, right? I’ve worked with somebody that I worked on just trying to get to one capsule, one product for six months because of where they were beginning at and they couldn’t take anything.  We have a comprehensive protocol, which is a 10-month protocol that takes people through the whole process of what we call our Roadmap to Health. We also have a condensed version, our foundational protocol, for the average person that can go through clear toxins and get optimal health from what we have there. Then we also help guide doctors that a lot of people I work with and what our clinic has worked with. We go through and see how they do within that 10-month period of time or 12-month period of time because most of them have been sick for so long. Then it may be another year at that standpoint, but typically, we see results usually right away with things because we’re addressing the core issues. What are the core factors? How can we neutralize the oxidative stress in the body from these toxins that are in there or these infections that are in there? How can we upregulate the body’s ability to do work on its own? That’s the whole thing-

Dr. Weitz:            With oxidative stress, basically, we could potentially take a bunch of antioxidants, right?

Dr. Watts:            No, no, because antioxidants aren’t the problem. It’s not a lack of antioxidants. It’s what’s causing the oxidative stress in the first place, and that’s the approach is do you want to go to the source or do you want to just give something that’s going to help with the oxidative stress? My goal is, “Sure. All my products are chicken butt on oxidative stress.” There’s no doubt about that. My focus, though, is what’s that causative factor? So one of the things that we talk about here is toxins create deficiencies. If you have a deficiency problem, then there’s a toxin problem or you have a really, really, really bad diet, but most of the people I work with have impeccable diets because they’ve been trying to work on themselves for so long. I’m sure you work with a lot of people like that, too, where they really try and eat healthy. I don’t get the average person off the street that’s a diabetic person that’s eating horrible McDonald’s and everything else. They’re eating keto. They’re eating paleo, they’re eating autoimmune paleo. They’ve done every diet possible.  So it’s not that they have a lack of antioxidants. It’s the fact that we’re missing the exposure to the chemicals. We’re missing the chemicals that are in the body that are causing the problems. I tell you what, man, I have in here, in my office, as well as at my house, I have a distiller. I drink distilled in water because all the other systems have chemicals in their water and they don’t get the chemicals out. So it’s a huge, huge issue that we have. Of course, everything’s sprayed nowadays. So you have a huge, huge issue with all your foods.

Dr. Weitz:            Is reverse osmosis good enough or not?

Dr. Watts:            No.

Dr. Weitz:            What’s the difference between reverse osmosis and distillation?

Dr. Watts:            So distillation takes it from a liquid to a gas and then back to a liquid. So you can’t transfer those chemicals through that process. Reverse osmosis isn’t good enough to be able to do that, and there’s all kinds of problems. We have on our Cellcore website, we have a presentation that we go through an hour long discussing all the different types of things there.  So our goal is I don’t sell any of this stuff, but our goal is to be educated, to get the least amount of toxins in your body that are causing the problems. It has been amazing how I’ve seen changes just on changing the water they drink. In fact, Dr. Jay, I locked him one time, he’s like, “When I go to the airport, the only water that I seem to resonate with, smart water.”  I’m like, “Jay, you ever read it? It says distilled water. That’s why.” So he is drinking distilled water without even know he is drinking distilled water.

Dr. Weitz:            So where do you get this distilled water system from?

Dr. Watts:            So we got ours from a company called mypurewater.com. It’s one of Gerson clinic and some of these huge clinics that have been around for 20 to 40 years have been buying them from for many, many decades.

Dr. Weitz:            Is this a whole house thing or is it something under your sink that gives you drinking water?

Dr. Watts:            There’s a couple different systems. There’s not a whole house system. It’s a drinking water system. It’s not going to be all your water. The most important water is the water you consume. So that’s what we focus on. So they do have automated systems. One in here I have the water goes through it and then into a little thing. You push the button on your sink and you get the water. That holds 25 gallons at a time because I have 80 people that work here. Then at home, I have one that holds 12 gallons. It makes 10 gallons a day. It keeps it for my family of six and it’s our main system. I have another one that’s just at top, one that just sits on the countertop that can make up to three gallons a day, and it’s a small system.  So they have a variety of options that you can look at, but one of them, I forgot the clinic name. They had had that distiller for 40 years, and they’ve made it for NASA and some of these big companies. So I know it’s a quality unit and it’s a mom and pop place. It’s fantastic. It’s been in the family generations and a couple generations.

Dr. Weitz:            What is the company called again?

Dr. Watts:            Mypurewater.com.

Dr. Weitz:            My Pure Water, I’ll check it out. We drink distilled water here at the office. Now, one of the criticisms we get from that is, “Oh, you’re going to leach out all the minerals. Everybody’s going to be mineral deficient.”

Dr. Watts:            That’s a really good question. So let me ask, because I get the same thing. So the minerals you get in your water, let’s take a look at that and see what it does to the glass in your shower, what it does to your windows. Are those organic minerals? Oh, wait. They’re inorganic minerals. It’s like drinking rock. It actually doesn’t do good for your body. It’s not bioavailable minerals. Your minerals come from your food sources, not your water. Your minerals come from your foods, your vegetables and fruits. That’s where minerals come from.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. So the minerals in the drinking water are inorganic and can’t be utilized.

Dr. Watts:            Exactly.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay.

Dr. Watts:            That’s why it’s called hard water.

Dr. Weitz:            Now, is the distilled water going to leach the minerals out of your body?

Dr. Watts:            So water is made up of two molecules, hydrogen and oxygen. The really necessary proton, hydrogen is the proton, and oxygen is the thing that binds up free radicals, and it’s interesting. People drink water and it goes into their body and you can cut them open and all of a sudden, where did that water go? Oh, that’s right. The body has this amazing natural way of getting oxygen from water and hydrogen.

Dr. Weitz:            You know that whole thing about heavy water and deuterium depleted depleted water, all that stuff?

Dr. Watts:            Yes, I know about that.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay.

Dr. Watts:            It’s still a theory, and I think the most important thing is that you have water that doesn’t have chemicals in it that is causing disease.

Dr. Weitz:            I’m with you on that.

Dr. Watts:            Okay? Pure, clean water, that’s all I care about. Just stop putting chemicals in your body. Stop going and buying food that has all these chemicals sprayed all over it and you wonder why you have a gluten problem because you’re eating glyphosate.

Dr. Weitz:            Right. Of course, yeah. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, there’s chemicals in our water, our food, our air. So the more we can do to reduce as many chemicals as possible, the better we’re going to be. We’re never going to get rid of all of them, but-

Dr. Watts:            No, we’re not, and that’s where our whole company is based off of products for detoxifying and helping to upregulate the body’s ability in infections and root cause illness. That’s all Dr. Jay and I study and research and then educate doctors on, the same thing of why, why are metals bad, what is radioactive elements, and did you know radioactive elements is a massive problem and maybe why people in maybe the Upper Midwest get a lot of Lyme disease because radium is only tested by the EPA. So you’re never going to do a heavy metals test and never see radium because it’s only tested by the EPA, and it’s in your water source.

177 million Americans have high levels of radium in their water. So you can go to environmental working group and you can see that information, and then if you just Google radium in water and you wonder why you have candida all the time, you wonder why you have fungus or you have a parasite problem, maybe you’re you’re drinking water or exposed to a lot of radioactivity that then goes where? Oh, yeah, the bones. So then you have a problem with calcium, not lead. I think lead probably is trying to offset all that radioactive elements in your body.  So I learned this really cruel story. I had this gal come to see me from New York and she had done 180 chelation, not kidding, chelation IVs.

Dr. Weitz:            Oh, wow!

Dr. Watts:            180. Is there a medical doctor over there?

Dr. Weitz:            That’s a lot. I can only imagine how much that costs and how much time it takes because it takes hours to chelate.

Dr. Watts:            Hours. You know her lead levels, how far they went down? They never even got into reading levels. They’ve been off the charts.

Dr. Weitz:            Wow.

Dr. Watts:            So my theory, I was talking to a scientist I work with because I’d like to talk to these other more organic or chemists and metallurgists and biologists and stuff, physicists that I work with because they think differently than us doctors do from a standpoint. He says, “Well, if you think about it, when you do an X-ray, what do you wear over at most of your body that you’re not X-ray”

Dr. Weitz:            Lead.

Dr. Watts:            Lead. What does lead do? It absorbs radiation. He’s like, “She probably has high amounts of radiation in her body, but the lead won’t let go because it’s trying to play a role.” Then I got me researching into, “Well, and I’ve heard of uranium.” I see that on the doctor’s data test and there’s thorium and there cesium, and then got into more, “What’s radioactive material in water? Radium.” I’m like, “What’s radium?” I started researching radium, and then now we have whole presentations and PowerPoints on radium and stuff and understanding how damaging that is to the body’s ability to heal.  Talk about oxidative stress. What’s worse oxidative stress wise than radioactive material? Nothing. Then first thing to grow back after Chernobyl is fungus and mushrooms to absorb all that radioactive material. Some people have chronic candida forever. It’s probably because they got radioactive material in their bodies.

Dr. Weitz:            I was just listening to a podcast recently, this Lex Friedman podcast and Elon Musk on there and Musk was totally dismissing the dangers of nuclear radiation and claimed that he actually went to Japan and ate food locally grown there shortly after the nuclear accident they had.

Dr. Watts:            Well, I could tell you that if you look at Chernobyl and some of these other things, there’s a lot of people that died of cancer after that and had deformities, babies having deformities. I don’t know. I’m glad you didn’t get sick. Fantastic. I don’t know what they did, but the fact is is there’s a lot of other research that shows otherwise.

Dr. Weitz:            Right. I totally agree with you. So Dr. Watts, this has been great. I’ve really enjoyed this discussion. How can our listeners and viewers find out about your products and your programs?

Dr. Watts:            So our website is cellcore.com, C-E-L-L-C-O-R-E. If you don’t have a practitioner, you have to have a practitioner to order products. So they can order through your account. They can get it through your patient direct code if you wanted to share that with them, but they can’t get Cellcore products without going through a doctor that way.

Dr. Weitz:            Oka. Great. For practitioners who are listening, who want to sign up to get an account, where do they go?

Dr. Watts:            Cellcore.com. Then we have account reps. So depending on your state, you’ll have a rep that you can work with and you can come. We have a phenomenal learning center on the back end of our website that we share a lot of the science behind it. Our goal is to educate and provide solutions that makes sense down to that cellular biochemical level. I have a passion for this because it changed my life. I’m 53 and I have way more energy than I did the last 15 years of my life, and it’s same thing for many of my patients I’ve worked with and clients I’ve worked with, whether they’re throughout the US, internationally, that their lives have been dramatically changed because of the research that we do in helping going after the core issue of how to repair the body.  We call it foundational medicine, going down the foundational core issues to restore that, and then going deeper later on into the functional processes that will help support the body. As you do that, the results are amazing by treating these root cause solutions. I just appreciate guys like yourself, Dr. Ben, that you’re out there really putting this information out there. You’ve had a lot of great people you’ve interviewed on your podcast and that are sharing a lot of great information about how to get better and what to do. Our goal is to help doctors and help people understand, take them to a new level of understanding of what makes us ill and how do we fixed that.

Dr. Weitz:            Absolutely. That’s the functional medicine model is not just treating symptoms, but getting to the root cause.

Dr. Watts:            Yup.



Dr. Weitz:            Great. Thank you very much. Thank you for making it all the way through this episode of the Rational Wellness Podcast. If you enjoyed this podcast, please go to Apple podcasts and give us a five-star ratings and review that way more people will be able to find this Rational Wellness Podcast when they’re searching for health podcasts. I wanted to let everybody know that I do now have a few openings for new nutritional consultations for patients at my Santa Monica Weitz Sports Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic. So if you’re interested, please call my office, 310-395-3111 and sign up for one of the few remaining slots for a comprehensive nutritional consultation with Dr. Ben Weitz. Thank you and see you next week.



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