Erectile Dysfunction with Brooke Hazen: Rational Wellness Podcast 263

Brooke Hazen discusses Erectile Dysfunction with Dr. Ben Weitz.

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Podcast Highlights

3:30  Porn Addiction. It is estimated that 80% of men and 26% of women watch pornography at least weekly and it’s usually an escalating type of addiction.  The fastest growing segment of men with erectile dysfunction is young men and this is due to the porn addiction.  And the only prescription medication are the drugs that promote the nitric oxide pathways like Viagra and Cialis.  When a man ejaculates, dopamine crashes and prolactin rises and an intense refractory period starts for up to two weeks and weaves up and down. And when there’s overlapping ejaculations, we get perpetual mood imbalance, fatigue, and distancing in relationships.  When you combine that with the super stimulus of watching pornography, there’s a novelty to every pornographic video that is perfect for men’s mating brain and this novelty creates an addiction for men.  And when they combine it with the release of semen, it creates an incredible cycle of addiction that’s deepening and continues to escalate.  So every time a man continues to ejaculate to a new form of pornography, the dopamine receptors and levels drop, they continue to drop because the brain essentially cancels out its receptors, dopamine receptors and levels because it’s just too much for the brain to be able to handle. And so you see decreasing levels of dopamine and it takes ever increasing escalating material to get the same dopamine kick each time that you watch pornography. And unknowingly and unwittingly, our entire population is seeing the results of a two decade long experiment that’s been taking place. And now we’re seeing the results where an entire generation of young men are unable to have the first sexual experience of their lives and have any meaningful connection in relationships.

8:16  What to do about Erectile Dysfunction?  First you need to stop watching porn.  Brooke believes that another part of this solution is to stop ejaculating. Brooke identifies three forms of organic erectile dysfunction: 1. Neurological ED, 2. Vascular ED, and 3. Hormonal ED.   




Brooke Hazen is an organic farmer, a fitness expert and the author of the new book, You Are Not Broken: A holistic guide for men and women to heal the pathways of sexual dysfunction and restore relational harmony together.  

Dr. Ben Weitz is available for Functional Nutrition consultations specializing in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders like IBS/SIBO and Reflux and also specializing in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors like elevated lipids, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure and also weight loss and also athletic performance, as well as sports chiropractic work by calling his Santa Monica office 310-395-3111. Dr. Weitz is also available for video or phone consultations.


Podcast Transcript

Dr. Weitz:            Hey, this is Dr. Ben Weitz, host of the Rational Wellness Podcast. I talk to the leading health and nutrition experts and researchers in the field to bring you the latest in cutting edge health information. Subscribe to the Rational Wellness Podcast for weekly updates, and to learn more, check out my website, drweitz.com. Thanks for joining me, and let’s jump into the podcast.

Hello Rational Wellness Podcasters, today we’ll be interviewing Brooke Hazen on treating erectile dysfunction in men. We’ll be speaking with Brooke Hazen who’s an organic farmer, a fitness expert, and the author of the new book You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together. Brooke will be talking about how his addiction to porn led to erectile dysfunction and how after failing the Western medical approach to erectile dysfunction, he incorporated a natural approach combining diet, exercise, IV, and oral nutritional supplements to restore his sexual health. Brooke, thank you so much for joining us.

Brooke:                Thank you for having me.

Dr. Weitz:            So I don’t know where you want to start, but why don’t you tell me a bit about your story and how you got involved with this situation?

Brooke:                Sure. Well, the situation started about four years ago when I started noticing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. And I as you said, reached out to Western medicine for answers, but in the end, I discovered there were no answers for me in that form of healing modality. So I basically put all my faith in God to provide a full miracle healing for me and the direction God led me was towards healing my neurology first through the avenues of discovering that I had a porn addiction and learning about how all that works as well as it became the beginning of an incredible journey for myself that launched me into all aspects of holistic health which is not only the sexual health, but I discovered that it’s completely integral and cannot be separated from overall physical health and also relational health.

And of course for me, I have a very spiritual lifestyle. So I can’t take God out of the picture either because I believe that God is the ultimate healer behind natural holistic healing. It’s the inherent intelligence and light that is in all our cells of our body that knows what to do best if we could simply provide those building blocks and healing modalities that it needs to restore itself to perfect balance.

Dr. Weitz:            And for me, that’s Dr. Jeffrey Bland. No, I’m kidding. Sorry.

Brooke:                I didn’t know. Who’s Jack or Jeffrey Bland.

Dr. Weitz:            Oh, he’s the father of functional medicine.

Brooke:                Yeah, okay.

Dr. Weitz:            He’s one of the godfathers.

Brooke:                Gotcha. Okay.

Dr. Weitz:            So obviously, you’re haven’t spent a lot of time talking to functional medicine audiences. So on the point addiction thing, what percentage of the population in the United States of men do you think are … What exactly does it mean to be addicted to porn? A guy who looks at porn and masturbates once in a while, is it somebody who does it all the time? What is being addicted to porn mean exactly.

Brooke:                Okay. Yeah. Well, that’s where I like to start because this is the focus, the start of all the healing that we’re looking to make. It’s estimated about 80% of men watch pornography at least weekly, and it’s usually an escalating type of addiction. So to say once a week is probably a lot more than that. 26% of women is estimated over once per week, and it truly is an addiction because it’s important to understand how pornographic addiction-

Dr. Weitz:            How does it break down the age? Is it more younger, more middle age?

Brooke:                Yeah, yeah. So this is the interesting thing is that the fastest growing segment of ED is now young people, young men, and Western medicine has no idea what to do with this. And the reason is because Western medicine and I’ll get into this more, doesn’t tackle the issue of neurologically-based erectile dysfunction at all because basically, the only prescription they have for any form of ED is pharmaceutical ED is the target organic ED which is the endothelial function, the nitric oxide production pathways.

Dr. Weitz:            Right.

Brooke:                So going back to what causes this to be an addiction, it definitely is an addiction because we have no qualms about calling cocaine and morphine and addiction. Well, the brain cannot differentiate between a chemical addiction to cocaine, morphine, alcohol, and a neurological addiction. The brain cannot differentiate between the two at all. So it’s important to understand what happens when you’re watching pornography, as well as what happens when you ejaculate to pornography because combined, it makes it a super stimulus addiction.  But when a man ejaculates, dopamine crashes and prolactin rises and an intense refractory period starts for about less up to two weeks and weaves up and down. And when there’s overlapping ejaculation, we get perpetual mood imbalance, fatigue, and distancing in relationships. And this is the body shutting down and saying, “I need to refocus all my energy on replenishing the precious lost nutrients from all the parts of my body to replace the vital sperm because that for the body focusing on replacing that incredible cocktail of life that creates new life is the sole goal, procreation, and it takes an immense toll on men.

So when you combine that with the super stimulus of watching pornography, there’s a novelty to every pornographic video that is perfect for men’s mating brain which we won’t go into too much because it takes a whole podcast to talk about mating versus bonding behaviors. But yes, this novelty creates an addiction for men. And when they combine it with the release of semen, it creates an incredible cycle of addiction that’s deepening and continues to escalate.  So every time a man continues to ejaculate to a new form of pornography, the dopamine receptors and levels drop, they continue to drop because the brain essentially cancels out its receptors, dopamine receptors and levels because it’s just too much for the brain to be able to handle. And so you see decreasing levels of dopamine and it takes ever increasing escalating material to get the same dopamine kick each time that you watch pornography.  So this really is an addiction completely. It’s just that Western culture has not yet called in an addiction on a large scale. We continue to promote it. And unknowingly and unwittingly, our entire population is seeing the results of a two decade long experiment that’s been taking place. And now we’re seeing the results where an entire generation of young men are unable to have the first sexual experience of their lives and have any meaningful connection in relationships.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. So let’s get into what to do about it. Obviously you stopped watching porn.

Brooke:                Yeah, well I did. Yes. I’ve not watched pornography for about three or four years now and actually, I’m blessed. It’s a very easy solution for recovering our dopamine levels. It’s refraining from pornography and then regaining our Chi sexual energy which is our energetic sexual energy as well as our overall physical energy can be done simply by refraining from ejaculation.  So those two combined are free. It’s a very simple solution. It’s just that it’s extremely difficult for men that are addicted to pornography to let alone understand these concepts, embrace it, but also to enact it, to continue to refrain from pornography and ejaculation because they are so addicted to it.

Dr. Weitz:            I guess that second part of the message is something that really doesn’t resonate with me personally. I’ve always found it more stressful not to ejaculate for weeks at a time.

Brooke:                Yes. Yes. Yeah, that is the dichotomy of it or what do you call it? Contradiction of it. Actually, so many things that seem contradictory actually are beneficial for us with diet whether that’s our sexual habits, with medicine. So yeah, actually by not ejaculating, we increase our sexual energy in our ability to have a powerful sex life. We also balance out our relationship with our partners better and we increase sensitivity.  We actually can heal our sexual ED physically from refraining from ejaculation because again, I’ve identified three forms of ED. I’ve identified the first form which is neurologically based ED which I think is not only the most important base that we should be looking at when we look at ED, but also has the most transformative parts of it.

Dr. Weitz:            So we talk about neurologically, normally I’m a chiropractor. I would think if you said neurological based erectile dysfunction that there’s some compression of the nerves coming out of your back or your spinal cord that would be creating this problem?

Brooke:                Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, not to be confused with neurodegenerative disease or nerves. Basically, we’re talking about the neurochemistry and the hormones. So we’re talking about the important thing to understand is when we engage in sex, a lot of it really is neurological. It really starts with the healthy neurology, healthy levels of dopamine levels and receptor sites.  And not only sexually, but in all years of life, if we want to have a profound physical transformation and relational transformation in life, we also need to have this healthy neurology. Our neurology is the most important foundation for transformation in our life. It actually can unleash the power of our mind, and once we release-

Dr. Weitz:            Isn’t there a key as far as neurology on the level you’re talking about is getting yourself into that parasympathetic mode because we’re all in this sympathetic stress mode all the time.

Brooke:                Yeah, not so much talking about that. I don’t really get into that too much in my book. I know I’ve heard a lot about that in the talk about sexuality. Yes, when we do engage in sex, we get in the parasympathetic mode naturally.

Dr. Weitz:            And so many people today have so much trouble because we’re in that stress mode all the time.

Brooke:                Yes, yes, but I don’t think that’s so much of an issue. I think we put way too much emphasis on certain things that are missed. We focus too much on organic ED when we should first be looking at our dopamine levels and receptors. We need to first cleanse ourselves of the addiction to pornography, as well as watch our ejaculation amounts because every time we ejaculate, we’re essentially depleting chief sexual energy sexually, as well as in all aspects of our lives.  Eastern traditions have recognized this for millennia, Western culture regularly practices these mating behaviors of primarily focusing on ejaculation with the focus of climax. And this is incredibly depleting to our sexual Chi energy. So the second form of ED I’ve identified is energetic ED is that depletion of Chi sexual energy. And lastly, the third one is organic ED. That’s the one that we always talk about because again, Western medicine only focuses on organic ED and they’re prescribing and misdiagnosing for the majority of ED cases because they do not have a medicine that deals with neurological ED because it doesn’t make any money to be honest.

Dr. Weitz:            Yeah, and I’m sure there’s more than one form of organic ED. There’s vascular issues, there’s issues with men who have scar tissue, who have [inaudible 00:13:44] disease. There’s a number of different issues, but anyway, let’s get into the second part of your book, and I know chapter seven is the one where you start talking about hormones. So what do you think about using testosterone as part of an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction?

Brooke:                So now we’re going to get into the second part of my book is about organic ED. So this can also even if you don’t have organic ED, this can actually increase your performance sexually. So as far as identifying ED traditionally or in mainstream Western medicine organically, we look at hormones, we look at which is our testosterone levels versus estrogen levels. And then we look at vascular ED which is what the mainstream Western pharmaceutical industries target, it’s the endothelial system, the nitric oxide production pathway of our blood vessels.

And then there can also be impacts to the Alcock’s canal and the pelvic region that can cause ED and that can be tested through a Venous Leak through MRIs. And then we also have, actually to complicate things more, neurodegenerative type of ED and we could also have surgeries from prostate. So those are the sources of organic ED. Now starting with what you want to start into on chapter seven, I’m a big fan of bio identical pellet testosterone replacement therapy, that’s a long word. And basically, it’s a completely natural form of testosterone for men and also for women. Women actually in my book, I cite studies that are incredibly beneficial to women, but-


Dr. Weitz:            I’ve really been enjoying this discussion, but I’d like to take a minute to tell you about a new product that I’m very excited about. I’d like to tell you about a new wearable called the Apollo. This is a device that can be worn on the wrist or the ankle, and it uses vibrations to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. This device has amazing benefits in terms of getting you out of that stressed out sympathetic nervous system and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. It has a number of different functions, especially helping you to relax, to focus, to concentrate, get into a deeper meditative state, even to help you sleep, and there’s even a mode to help you wake up. This all occurs through the scientific use of subtle vibrations.

                                For those of you who might be interested in getting the Apollo for yourself to help you reset your nervous system, go to apolloneuro.com and use the affiliate code, Weitz10. That’s my last name, WEITZ10. Now, back to the discussion.



Dr. Weitz:            Now, when you say bioidentical, aren’t all men who are taking testosterone using bioidentical not aware of testosterone coming from horses or something like that?

Brooke:                I believe there is some synthetic sources of testosterone, but the bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy is from natural plant sources generally, or it’s from a natural source. I’m not entirely sure, I don’t know if you know more about whether there are synthetic forms.

Dr. Weitz:            Well, in women’s hormones, that’s a big thing because it’s common for many years, for the most commonly prescribed form of estrogen to come from horses, you’re in Premarin and synthetic progesterone Progestins, and so bioidenticals are big, but when it comes to testosterone, my understanding is that all the testosterone is the same.

Brooke:                Well, that’s a good point as far as women I know for sure there’s synthetic estrogen, and that’s where the cancer studies have come from.

Dr. Weitz:            Right.

Brooke:                But that’s based on that synthetic.

Dr. Weitz:            [inaudible 00:18:15] 2001.

Brooke:                As far as men honestly, I don’t know if there’s a-

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. Okay.

Brooke:                What I can say is that the bioidentical form, pellet form is it’s a much more sustained form. So rather than injecting or using creams or patches daily or every other day, or every few days, you’re getting a consistent dose that mimics. That’s why they call it bioidentical that mimics the natural cycle to your body as closely as we can get.

Dr. Weitz:            Right.

Brooke:                Yeah.

Dr. Weitz:            So now, what age should men consider using testosterone? Because I’ve talked to men in their 20’s and 30’s who are taking testosterone and that can have some serious side effects, especially if they want to have families.

Brooke:                I think it’s so dependent on how we’ve been treating our body and our diet and where we’re at as far as our estrogen and testosterone levels. It’s impossible really to gather our testosterone levels when you’re in your 20’s to gauge what our optimal testosterone levels are. So usually what I recommend is to look at the negative symptoms of lack of sufficient testosterone. So it’d be like you’re experiencing fatigue and loss of sexual drive, just the loss of general drive and mood imbalances and those issues and then go from there, but you can also scale it up or scale it down even with the pellets.  Usually they’ll start a little lower and they’ll build up, and that’s the way I recommend everything in my book is to start low and go slow and build up. Don’t overdo anything to start so you can see how your body reacts. But yeah, I would say the age wise, generally speaking, yeah, I think we’re looking at men once they start to hit their 40’s are starting to get declining testosterone levels and it continues to decline as we get into our 50’s and 60’s.

I found enormous benefits, it’s really another biohack that is the linchpin for transformation with our physical growth, as far as our physical health and weight training. Something that goes hand in hand with BP TRT or with testosterone therapy in general is blood donation, and that’s because when you take pellet TRT, you’re actually increasing your red blood cell count and you don’t want that to get too high. So a really great thing that I recommend for people, even if they’re not taking pellet testosterone therapy is to regularly donate blood.  And the reason is because as time goes on and we don’t really change the oil in our car, so to speak, increasing levels of iron levels, as well as oxidation in our blood. And so whenever we donate blood, actually even one donation per year decreases the chance of heart attack by 88%. So this is actually a healing modality in and of itself for people that are at risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. And we should really be recommending this to everyone, but what it does is it actually increases your antioxidant capacity and reduces the iron stores, and iron stores are linked with all kinds of diseases like heart disease as well as neurogenerative diseases too.

Dr. Weitz:            Yeah, it’s the case that men who take testosterone from any source whether it be pellets or otherwise need to have a doctor who’s monitoring their hematocrit levels which is indication of the thickness of their blood due to increase red blood cell production. And if that gets above a certain level, then for sure, donating blood makes a lot of sense and it depends on the guy, it depends on the dosage. And then of course, you also want to make sure that you’re not seeing an increase in estrogen levels because testosterone can aromatize into estrogen and so that can also [inaudible 00:22:28] side effects.

Brooke:                Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wanted to add to that blood flow is so important for sexual function, as well as our overall physical health. They go hand in hand, but donating blood reduces blood pressure and viscosity. So that’s another benefit that it does, but yeah, you’ll be-

Dr. Weitz:            The other thing you got to look at is free testosterone versus total testosterone because the free testosterone is truly available to do the job. And there are men who have decent total testosterone levels, but their free testosterone is too low because they’re binding globulin. Their sex hormone binding globulin is elevated and that binds too much of the free testosterone. So that can be another whole list.

Brooke:                Yeah, so your clinic will monitor all these things not to get afraid, but basically it is important to always be aware of what is going on in your body. What are your estrogen levels? And they’ll prescribe Anastrozole to lower estrogen. I take that a couple times a week, just a little pill, and also they’ll recommend HCG to maintain fertility and test testicular size. This is a secondary source of testosterone and actually has the added bonus of increasing the size of your testicles and lingham especially in conjunction with some of the other healing modalities like KLS refraining from too much ejaculation and like PRP and stem cells.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. So the next thing you have in your book is exercise for erectile dysfunction. Perhaps you can tell us what you think is potentially effective in that regard.

Brooke:                Okay. Well again, this is working on our overall physical health so that we can have a great blood flow to our sexual areas working on our cardiovascular system because I’m not a fan of fat. I used to have-

Dr. Weitz:            [inaudible 00:24:35].

Brooke:                Yeah.

Dr. Weitz:            Members of the fat club.

Brooke:                Nobody is, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I like to focus a lot on getting rid of fat. I used to be 30 pounds overweight, but I really put all my determination into getting rid of the fat because not only do we have surface fat, but we have visceral fat and the visceral fat is the one that’s the most dangerous. It wraps around our organs and is linked with so many different diseases and precursors to cancers and all kinds of bad stuff.  So we really want to get to this visceral fat and we can best do that by getting rid of our surface fat and then through intermittent fasting and with a plant based diet that’s not high on any processed foods. We can start burning off this visceral fat, but going back to the muscle, the workout, the weights, the exercise helps us to burn fat and gain lean muscle mass because I really feel like we need to be having a solid pathway of flow, of blood flow, as well as just Chi sexual energy from our chest to our lingham.

As we age, we actually get atrophy in these areas as men. We get breasts, we get a belly fat, and we even get a fat in the mons pubic area which is the padding above our lingham. So what I’m focused on doing is encouraging all of us to do everything we can to restore the muscular aspects all the way from our chest to our lingham, and this even includes the area around lingham through doing kegel exercises.  So I’m big on sit ups. I’m big on weight training, and I’m also big on doing the kegels. I do the kegels twice a day. So in my book, there’s some studies that have shown that kegel exercises is a monotherapy alone for increasing or getting rid of organic erect dysfunction. It’s been highly effective with that. So this builds up the muscles around our lingham. It brings more energy to our lingham and has been shown to help reduce erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Weitz:            And of course, heavy weight training’s been shown to raise testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Brooke:                Yeah, it’s a cyclical thing that’s what I was getting at. And it’s also cyclical with fat and muscle building. So it’s been shown that weight training actually can create a positive cycle of burning fat and building more muscle. So we want to get into positive cycle [inaudible 00:27:16]

Dr. Weitz:            And of course, having more fat can still lead to more estrogen?

Brooke:                Yes. Yes. It’s completely interwoven that’s why holistic healthcare is really the only way that I see getting to any curative and preventative form of medicine.

Dr. Weitz:            So let’s go into what’s the best nutritional diet approach for erectile dysfunction.

Brooke:                Okay. Well basically, an animal-based diet has been shown to have short term and long-term negative effects on erectile function. And this is because the saturated fat, the carcinogens and the free radicals, they create problems in our endothelial function which then in turn suppresses our nitric oxide production. So what my goal is overall with all these healing modalities is to get to the root cause of what we’re targeting through the pharmaceutical EDs by boosting nitric oxide, but to do this where our body can do it on its own without being dependent on taking a pill each time you want to gain this nitric oxide production.  So what I looked at is plant-based diet has all the same protein levels and amino acid building blocks as an animal-based diet, but it has phytoestrogens and phytonutrients which actually get rid of free radicals. They target and eliminate the free radicals and thereby eliminate the source of I want to talk about, first of all, I have to back up and say, the source of organic ED through blood flow issues is arteriosclerosis. And so I want to look at what is causing arteriosclerosis.

The cause of arteriosclerosis is basically heavy metals I’ve discovered, an animal based diet, as well as if you smoke an environmental pollutants. Those are the sources of primarily that cause arteriosclerosis. In fact, the recent studies have been showing that arteriosclerosis is not just a fat blocking disease. It’s actually an inflammatory disease also, and this is the inflammation that happens from the free radicals that are in our blood vessels, and what happens is the body’s only mode of protection, other than the healing modalities we’re looking at doing in my book is to create cholesterol.

So LDL cholesterol is actually an antioxidant, antiviral, antigen carcinogen. It’s like the ambulance driver. It goes to the site of free radical oxidation, and it deactivates the toxins, it deactivates the free radicals, and then it goes back to the liver in the form of HDL. So we’re completely misunderstanding in our reductive medical approach that LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol are really both good. It’s just that we’re not getting to the root problem which is the free radicals.

So we need to tackle the free radicals essentially that is causing oxidation or blood vessels. And through a plant-based diet that avoiding sugars, processed foods. I don’t eat a lot of refined grains or fried items, but I avoid any of these free radicals. So we do this by just whole foods, the way nature intended through a lot of fruits and vegetables and nuts and whole grains like quinoa and we can get it through super foods and these super foods actually further decrease the free radicals in our body.

So basically, we have a diet approach and the supplements, and then also we’ll get into chelation IVs. All these are looking at getting rid of any arteriosclerosis developing our blood vessels. I actually did my own study where I had mild arteriosclerosis, mild calcification in plaque in both my aortic and carotid arteries. And I did a full course of chelation IV therapy with plaquex and before and after I did an ultrasound and discovered that after my full course, I had zero arteriosclerosis or plaque buildup in my blood vessel. So we’re able to get rid of this. There is no reason to be continually taking statins.

Dr. Weitz:            Using a carotid artery ultrasound?

Brooke:                Yeah, I did $500 for the local cardiology testing center. They did ultrasound for both my carotid and aortic arteries and before and after, and I was able to show just from myself that before and after where I had mild arteriosclerosis that was completely taken away from yeah, the before and after. So and there’s studies on this. I did my own study, but there is the TACT 1 study that’s the trial to assess escalation therapy study that’s a government study that showed that there was a 51% reduction in cardiac events and 43% reduction in mortality in patients with diabetes, and this has spurred the TACT 2 study which is ongoing. We have solutions.

Dr. Weitz:            How many IV chelation sessions did you do?

Brooke:                Well for that one, I do them regularly, but I did for that one, I do a maintenance now, but during that time, I did it pretty much weekly. And once a week, I’d alternate with plaquex and with calcium EDTA. That’s the one I recommend is calcium EDTA.

Dr. Weitz:            What is plaquex?

Brooke:                Plaquex is phosphatidylcholine or PC for short, and it’s basically made of soybean and it makes up all the cell membranes of our cell walls. And what it does is it regenerates to biohack. Regenerates our cells, our cell walls so we can once again digest and release toxins from our cells that have built up and caused basically our cells to stop working on a large scale. But yeah, the combination of plaquex and calcium EDTA is phenomenal. It basically through these TACT studies. There was also a study.

Dr. Weitz:            So the sodium EDTA binds to the cholesterol and the phosphatidylcholine does the same thing? Or what does it do?

Brooke:                No, so the PC, the phosphatidylcholine or the plaquex is the brand name, that actually creates a process where it backs out the cholesterol portion from our blood vessels. And it balances our healthy cholesterol levels. At the same time, the calcium EDTA or the disodium EDTA, they’re actually I’ve found in my research that they actually are very similar in action. It’s just that the calcium EDTA is a little safer to use.  It’s not that disodium EDTA is not safe, it’s just that it’s safer. And so I recommend the calcium EDTA, but basically the calcium EDTA, that chelates. It’s a chelator so it grabs onto the heavy metals and gets rid of the heavy metals. So again, going back to what causes anterior sclerosis, it’s a combination of heavy metal, cholesterol, and calcification that causes this soup, this toxic soup that’s in our blood vessels that suppresses, covers up our endothelial layer from being able to produce healthy levels of nitric oxide. That’s the source of organic blood flow ED.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. Now you also talk about doing Myers’ cocktails with glutathione intravenous that you alternate with the chelation.

Brooke:                Yeah. Well, the glutathione is usually used … You can use that in smaller doses through any IV therapy whether you’re doing … I do right now what I’m doing as a maintenance is a Myers’ cocktail which for people that aren’t aware, that’s vitamin C and all the B’s and it’s got minerals and I’m probably missing some things, but it’s basically nutrient dense and it boosts our immune system heavily.  I noticed a great jump and I highly recommend it for people that are getting sick normally, but I combine now the NAD in a mid dose. So it’s a 250 milliliters rather than a 550 milliliters in the Myers’ cocktail, and then followed with the little boost of glutathione. You should also use the glutathione with when you’re doing the chelation and the plaquex. You don’t have to do it all at once, but it’s good to have the glutathione in there because the glutathione helps to process this through our organs and get the heavy metals out and help with the cholesterol that’s being pushed out.

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants. Again, the antioxidants are what gets rid of the free radicals in our blood vessels, but while we’re doing this, it’s important to get rid of the source of free radicals. That’s why I talk a lot about diet because if the source of free radicals is heavy metals and diet, animal based foods, and other types of processed foods, those process type products and sugars, then we need to stop doing that while we are resolving these issues.  So it’s a combination. It’s a one, two punch of let’s start getting rid of this source of arteriosclerosis through our natural healing modalities these chelations and other, but it’s also foundational. It’s getting rid of the source at the same time. So you don’t just keep treading water and keep giving yourself more free radicals while you’re getting rid of the free radicals

Dr. Weitz:            And explain why you do the NAD as well. You mentioned NAD.

Brooke:                NAD, I know you’re into biohacking. And so many of the things in my book are all about biohacking. My book is one big giant biohack. And so the NAD is a big biohack. That is actually incredible. It boosts energy levels. I’ve noticed a huge jump in my mental clarity and my physical energy levels. With NAD, it’s a mitochondrial type IV. So this is targeting our mitochondria which is the driving engine force of our cells, and it’s regenerating it, and it’s rebuilding our mitochondria on a cellular level.  And basically just gives us incredible energy. It’s also used sexually. It’s used to help rebuild neurologically rewired from low dopamine levels. So it’s used with alcohol treatment centers for low levels of dopamine from alcohol addiction same thing for porn addiction. You have the same levels of dopamine crashes that you have in pornography addiction as you do with morphine, cocaine, and alcohol. These are all dopamine addictions.  In fact, food can be a dopamine addiction too. So what I’m looking at doing is stripping ourselves of these negative habits and addictions and cultural myths and peer pressure that make us think we need to behave a certain way and start all over. Start all over with healthy decisions and a healthy neurology focusing on having balanced dopamine levels and receptors because that’s going to create the drive and the willpower to make transformation in all areas of our lives, but first with sexually, but then you’ll find it’s really everything because sexual health and physical health are completely inseparable.  They go one together. The lingham is a protruding member of our cardiovascular, nervous and hormonal system. It all in full glory showing us the current state of health or disease within those systems.


Dr. Weitz:                            I’d like to interrupt this fascinating discussion we’re having for another few minutes to tell you about another really exciting product that has changed my life and the life of my family, especially as it pertains to getting good quality sleep. It’s something called the chiliPAD, C-H-I-L-I-P-A-D. It can be found at the website chilisleep.com, which is C-H-I-L-I-S-L-E-E-P dot com.

So, this product involves a water-cooled mattress pad that goes underneath your sheets and helps you maintain a constant temperature at night. If you’ve ever gotten woken up because temperature has changed, typically gets warmer, this product will maintain your body at a very even temperature, and it tends to promote uninterrupted quality deep and REM sleep, which is super important for healing and for overall health.

If you go to chilisleep.com and you use the affiliate code, Weitz20, that’s my last name, W-E-I-T-Z, 20. You’ll get 20% off a chiliPAD. So, check it out and let’s get back to this discussion.


Dr. Weitz:            So you also mentioned in your book the use of shockwave therapy to the penis.

Brooke:                I love that one. I really feel like people have been seeing a lot of great studies and a lot of great experiential evidence that it’s a new thing with ED, but it’s an ultrasound, it’s called EPAT or Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology, and this is an ultrasound that basically is what I’ve found through the sexual clinic I went to, and I like to share these little specifics on my podcast that I don’t get into in my book, but we actually went further.  Normally, these centers, sexual clinics or in fact, I bought my own EPAT machine. I don’t have to go to a clinic, but normally what they do is they’ll just do a quick one on the sides of your lingham and that’s it. And it’s like a minute or two. What we’re doing now is longer periods that lasts 20 minutes where you’re doing not only the sides of the lingham, but the top and the bottom which they weren’t doing before, but now studies are showing, we’re showing that this is the way to do it.  As well as the kira which are the sides and the mons pubis above, and importantly, the feeder to it all, which is the Alcock’s canal that’s the major blood vessel between your anus and your lingham that feeds the lingham full of blood. So what it does is it breaks up the plaque buildup in the capillaries. So we have very fine capillaries in our lingham and in our sexual organ area. Some of the smallest in the body and-

Dr. Weitz:            And so what is the shockwave therapy technically doing? Is it increasing blood flow? Breaking up adhesions? What exactly?

Brooke:                It does a number of things. So again, synergistically, it will actually increase cellular growth of new blood vessels when you combine it with PRP or stem cell, but really what it’s doing on its own is it’s breaking up plaque, and it’s also even on its own, it’s helping to grow new blood vessels. So it’s doing both and when you combine it with the chelation IV therapy and plaquex to help get rid of plaque buildup in the blood vessels, we can now resolve really any level of arteriosclerosis form of ED both from the inside out through our blood vessels and the outside in through EPAT technology to the surface areas of our lingham and our surrounding sexual pelvic region.

Dr. Weitz:            Yeah. So let’s get into the section of your book where you talk about specific supplements that may be beneficial, and the first one you talk about is pycnogenol.

Brooke:                Yeah. There’s a lot of studies on. I like pycnogenol. It’s a French maritime pine bark, and it’s a really amazing antioxidant that operates from a lot of different pathways. It’s not just a nitric oxide booster, but it actually works with lowering LDL and raising HDL. It helps with increasing nitric oxide, blood flow, it helps with arteriosclerosis.

I know I’m forgetting some things that are in my book, but basically it’s an all around supplement that now I want to say first to your listeners you should know that supplements are, are usually not quite as effective as chelators. Chelators deliver 100% of the nutrients, building blocks to our blood vessels, to our cells. The supplements have to pass through our digestive tract, and much of it is lost in the digestive tract doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take supplements.

I take supplements daily. It’s just that during our healing process when we’re really revamping ourselves and transforming ourselves, we’re going to want to do a lot of IVs to start if that’s our goal. I believe it’s our goal no matter what, because we want to have overall physical health, but yeah pycnogenol is one and I have a lot of different supplements that I recommend. All of them are really antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and yeah, it’s basically working on getting rid of the inflammation in our blood vessels, as well as the free radicals in our blood vessels.

Dr. Weitz:            So one of the supplements you recommend, I think the second one I saw on your list was ancestral supplements, male optimization formula. I thought it was interesting that you selected that one because you’re recommending not eating meat, and this is basically ground up testicles and penis or prostate and things like that.

Brooke:                It is interesting. Yeah.

Dr. Weitz:            I would’ve thought you would’ve recommend because there’s a bunch of herbal supplements for libido. Go weed and there’s a bunch of different herbal [inaudible 00:46:22]

Brooke:                I’ve tried those. Yeah, all the supplements in my book I’ve tried and the ones I don’t recommend in my book is for a reason. There’s a lot of herbs as well as there’s a lot of arginine that’s being promoted to use daily, but I’ve tried all that. I’ve tried daily arginine, and.

Dr. Weitz:            Typically arginine is used for nitric oxide and I think most of the data seems to support L-citrulline better than arginine. And so I think what a lot of people are using is L-citrulline and possibly in combination with B-root extract.

Brooke:                Yes. Right.

Dr. Weitz:            Or nitric oxide production.

Brooke:                So this is where for me I wanted to make sure I recommend for the readers that they’re not taking anything that’s going to cause blood pressure drops. So we have to be really careful when we’re experimenting with these type of plants and herbs that and amino acids like arginine. I do recommend citrulline and citrulline is in the tri-aminos which I recommend as I take in my-

Dr. Weitz:            Your IV?

Brooke:                My Myers’ is I forgot to mention, I take the tri-aminos and tri-aminos is arginine, citrulline and ornithine, and those are targeted more for the blood vessel function area of all of our body. It’s not just our lingham, but that’s where people don’t understand. They think that these things are actually going straight to our lingam. They go through our whole body, our whole body is connected, but so anyways, yeah, going back to those certain herbs and if you take arginine daily and you take beets daily, I’ve actually had a chronic drop in blood pressure.

So we have to be really careful especially with pharmaceutical EDs. I really think that a lot of this is very dangerous, how they’re prescribing these powerful nitric oxide inducers for people that have ED that may not even be organic, but even if people do have organic ED, it’s not resolving anything and you can even daily use of arginine can cause a chronic drop in blood pressure, chronically low blood pressure drop.

And I’ve had that happen where you can be fatigued for days for a couple days after taking some of these herbs and some of these aminos. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken that out of the picture. So I’ve already experimented with all these things like a mad scientist, and I’ve made it easy where your listeners can just take what I recommend in the book and call it quits. We’re good with that. You don’t need to mess around with a lot of herbs and these different.

Dr. Weitz:            You do recommend maca root.

Brooke:                Yeah, I love maca root, and I’m not saying citrulline is not great. It’s great. It’s just that taking it every day is not necessary especially if you’re doing the tri-aminos IV as a maintenance. I don’t recommend taking arginine or citrulline every day as a supplement because, and beets too. I’ve had trouble with beets where again, you could be working out really hard and you could have a sudden drop in blood pressure.  So we have to be really careful at this, but yeah, maca is another really great. The studies have shown it’s highly effective. A lot of these are monotherapies that are effective as monotherapies for reducing erectile dysfunction, but when we use it all synergistically, we have a powerful effect where we don’t have any side effects, but we’re having increased sexual function as well as overall physical health.

Dr. Weitz:            And you like the black maca over other forms?

Brooke:                That’s just one that is an organic black maca supplement. So some of these supplements, there’s different brands like the MOFO, the Male Optimization Formula which has the cow organs that we mentioned. There’s another brand in Australia that produces that too. At the time, I picked ones that were working well, but generally speaking, I would be really cautious about going outside of these trying new things like I mentioned, the beets and certain herbs, these [inaudible 00:50:51].

It’s like for example, what is it? Lepidium. I forgot what it is. It’s like a monkey something herb. It’s like an herb that’s being used in for MS, and it reduces the symptoms of shaking, but they found that some of these clients were actually getting chronically horny with this and perverted to the point where they … And then they started finding that their neurological aspects were declining. They were actually starting to go crazy.

So you have to be really careful with some of these, trying some of these things that are being put out there in these bottles because they sell. This is a big industry. Again, natural herbal industry is a huge industry. So I’m really careful in my book to warn people and provide the supplements that really we’re talking about supplements where you get into trouble here, but we have to be really careful with the supplements, and that’s yeah.

Dr. Weitz:            So you recommend ageLOC Vitality and ageLOC Youth by Pharmanex?

Brooke:                Yeah. Well, those are adaptogens and the ageLOC Vitality that has the cordyceps. It has the Asian ginseng. Asian ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for millennials for aging men for vitality, for basically not only again sexual health, but overall physical energy levels because again, it’s all energy levels. Sex is just simply a symbiotic member of our overall energy levels.  It’s an indicator of our energy levels. So yeah, I think there’s pomegranate in that vitality also. A lot of these supplements I have, again, they all do not create side effects. They’re all benign. They focus on the source which is the free radicals. Again, you could take herbal supplements just like you could take pharmaceutical ED meds and never get to the root solution, the root cause. My supplements actually get to the root cause of in this case, we’re talking about organic blood flow ED issues.

Dr. Weitz:            Which is why you have arterial cell which is something I use for a lot of patients with cardiovascular risk factors.

Brooke:                Yeah. So I found that the seaweeds and the mushrooms are incredible. They’re incredible. Again, we’re getting to the root source of healing. We want to heal. Western medicine especially the approach to ED is solely focused on symptoms. They never actually get to any long-term solution to anything to ever recover a vibrant sexual function again naturally. They don’t do that or any recovery at all.  It’s always going to be dependent on their medicines. I’m empowering all of us to say, “Hey we’re more than a Scarlet letter and we’re more than dependent on just this medicine. Let’s take our power back and let’s not only revive and increase our sexual function to the highest levels we can imagine, but also our overall physical health.”

Dr. Weitz:            Well, you just hit a couple more of these. You mentioned bee pollen and flower pollen?

Brooke:                Yeah. Those are both used historically. And again, these are natural. They don’t have side effects. The pine pollen is they work on blood flow, they work on cholesterol and inflammation, antioxidant, free radical damage. It’s amazing what some of these natural products do that are non-herbal. I think maca might be just a food herb sort of thing, but I don’t have a whole lot of herbs in my list of supplements.

Dr. Weitz:            Yeah. A few more. You have curcumin, Boswellia, Resveratrol.

Brooke:                Yeah, curcumin, that’s basically, we’re talking about-

Dr. Weitz:            The active ingredient in turmeric.

Brooke:                Turmeric, yes. Thank you. Yeah, we’re basically talking about turmeric, but curcumin is actually a much more readily available form of it. It’s actually the polyphenol that’s in the turmeric. So it’s a little more effective than just taking turmeric or turmeric.

Dr. Weitz:            Right. I like the Meriva form too. We use several different … The concept is that turmeric is not particularly well-absorbed, so curcumin is more concentrated. And then to get it into the cells, there’s several different strategies, specialized forms that grease the absorption and this Meriva which is curcumin blended with phosphatidylcholine is one of those.

Brooke:                Exactly. Yeah. Your last podcast, I know he specializes in a lot of techniques to make things more readily absorbable, and that is important.

Dr. Weitz:            Right. Good. Okay. Boy, you actually had quite a number of supplements. I see a few more. There’s this one I never heard of VINIA which contains six milligrams of Piceid which is a precursor to Resveratrol, that’s something new for me.

Brooke:                Yeah, I doubled up on that. I don’t recommend doing that when we’re already … I already recommended doing the ageLOC. Well, there was ResveraCel is another supplement. I tried the VINIA and it was a little too strong for me when I was already using ResveraCel. So I dialed that back and recommend just doing one or the other. So I do just the ResveraCel, but the VINIA is interesting with all the studies on it as far as a really good source of resveratrol and resveratrol has been used in diabetes patients and is been highly effective with recovering sexual function with diabetes patients.

Dr. Weitz:            And a lot of these supplements are also beneficial for longevity. So resveratrol is a sirtuin stimulator. It also has activity for activating AMPK which are some of the longevity pathways.

Brooke:                Yeah. There was another IV I didn’t talk about which is Poly-MVA, as well as the Myers is being used for cancer in high doses, high dose Myers. I actually do a mid dose. So once you go to a high dose of vitamin C in your Myers’ cocktail, it becomes oxidative which is what fights cancer, but you can do a mid dose and still be addressing those issues, but it still stays as more of an antioxidant. So you can play around with those levels of vitamin C. Poly-MVA has also been used in cancer. It’s being used recently highly effective with good results, percentage rates of remission with cancer using poly-MVA IV.

Dr. Weitz:            I guess I’ll hit one more thing. You mentioned using greens, something called HeartGreens as a way to stimulate nitric oxide instead using citrulline and-

Brooke:                And the beets. Yeah. Exactly. Again, I have toyed around with all these experientially and gone through the low blood pressure crashes and found that the beets and the daily arginine have caused low blood pressure crashes whereas, what was the one you just mentioned?

Dr. Weitz:            The HeartGreens?

Brooke:                Greens? Oh yeah. The HeartGreens I found was it actually is a more benign way of increasing nitric oxide. It basically is greens. It leafy greens are shown to be very beneficial not only as a supplement but when you’re eating for our nitric oxide production for antioxidants. So it works a couple different ways. It’s antioxidant, it targets free radical damage while it is also increasing some nitric oxide in a more benign way that doesn’t cause blood pressure drops.

Dr. Weitz:            Cool. So I think that’s pretty much a wrap. You want to leave us with any final thoughts? And I don’t know if you want to have … Where your book is available. How to get a hold of it.

Brooke:                Sure. Before I say where my book is, I just want to say that I really feel like the first and foremost prognosis diagnosis for ED should start with how often does a gentleman or a lady … Well, a gentleman in this case, ejaculate to pornography because it’s, again, the pornography addiction, as well as the that causes the drop in dopamine and Chi sexual energy.  I do believe that organic ED is largely overblown because that’s the only way that mainstream Western medicine and institutions, pharmaceutical industries can resolve ED. So they naturally want to blow that up into something bigger than it really is doesn’t mean that we can’t benefit sexually and physically with our overall health from these natural healing modalities, but the focus should be first having balanced dopamine levels and healthy neurology. And then from there, we’ll be able to more easily tackle these, our physical health that’s going to greatly enhance our sexual health.

Dr. Weitz:            Cool. And then how can we find the book? Is it available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon and the other book sellers or?

Brooke:                Okay. Well, you can go to my website and I have a link there.

Dr. Weitz:            Okay. Which website?

Brooke:                It’s brookehazen.com. So my name is spelled B-R-O-O-K-E H-A-Z-E-N, brookehazen.com and there’s a link there for Amazon. Basically I sell through Amazon. I have the paperback, I have the audio in my own voice, and I have a Kindle. I also am coming out with a Spanish and Chinese version in case anyone is interested in that. I’m trying to make it as readily available to people because I believe that these healing modalities can benefit all of us.

Dr. Weitz:            That’s great Brooke, thank you so much.

Brooke:                Thank you so much too. A pleasure being on here.



Dr. Weitz:            Thank you for making it all the way through this episode of the Rational Wellness Podcast. And if you enjoyed this podcast, please go to Apple podcast and give us a five star ratings and review. That way, more people will be able to find this Rational Wellness Podcast when they’re searching for health podcasts. And I wanted to let everybody know that I do now have a few openings for new nutritional consultations for patients at my Santa Monica Weitz Sports Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic. So if you’re interested, please call my office 310-395-3111, and sign up for one of the few remaining slots for a comprehensive nutritional consultation with Dr. Ben Weitz. Thank you and see you next week.


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