Rational Wellness Episode 009: The Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Que Collins

The Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Collins

Dr. Que Collins gives a fascinating interview with Dr. Ben Weitz about how the Ketogenic diet and other nutritional and lifestyle factors promote health.  Hydrogen atoms are contained in water molecules in the body and for every 1,000,000 atoms there are 156 heavy hydrogen molecules, aka, deuterium atoms.  Higher levels of deuterium are associated with higher levels of cancer, obesity and other chronic diseases.  Eating more green vegetables, eating a low carb, ketogenic diet, getting more restful sleep, and other nutritional and lifestyle factors result in lower levels of deuterium.  Deuterium levels can be measured through a breath test and various diet and lifestyle factors can help to lower deuterium levels, thus lowering risk of chronic disease and improving athletic performance.  Dr. Que feels that this theory is the underlying molecular reason why a Functional Medicine approach to health is often successful.

Dr. Que runs the Cignature Health Metabolic clinic in Santa Monica: http://www.cignaturehealth.com/

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    In any case, the results raise the b possibility that the ketogenic diet, in addition to its ability to protect against seizures, may have disease-modifying activity leading to an improved long-term outcome.


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