Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 18: Sports Nutrition with Dr. Philip Goglia

Dr. Philip Goglia explains to Dr. Ben Weitz how to improve athletic performance through nutrition.

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Dr. Goglia explained that using the correct macronutrient food pattern that fits each person’s metabolism is crucial. This can be determined via a questionnaire and by looking at a lipid profile.  If you are efficient at burning fats and carbohydrates and you consume a vegan diet, it will not work very well. Some people are efficient at burning fats and proteins, some are efficient at burning carbs, and some are efficient at both.

Dr. Goglia will often utilize a pretraining cocktail with athletes that includes D-Ribose, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Cinnamon, Calcium and Magnesium, and blackstrap mollases. We’ll even add citrulline mallate to it. He mentions that when his athletes have an athletic event in the morning, he will have the athletes eat a “mash” in the evening that includes shredded wheat, apple sauce, almond butter and jam.  They’ll wake up with lots of energy.  He may also have the athlete consume this “mash” several hours before an athletic event, such as a basketball game or an athletic event.

Dr. Philip Goglia can be reached through his website and for nutrition appointments:  http://www.pfcnutrition.com/

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