Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 020: Female Hormones with Dr. Jill Stocker

Dr. Jill Stocker discusses the use of bioidentical estrogen and progesterone hormones to help women restore their youth and vigor and their “juiciness”.  I laid out the topic first by talking about how it was believed for decades that estrogen was protective for the heart, which is why women have a lower risk of heart attack than men until menopause and then their risk increases equal to men’s.  There was however, concern about the increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.  When the Women’s Health Initiative study was published in 2002 it shook the field of women’s hormone replacement therapy by demonstrating an increased risk of heart attack and stroke in women who took equine (from horses) estrogen and synthetic progestins (Premarin and PremPro). But these results do not necessarily apply to the use of bioidentical hormones, which are much safer.

Dr. Jill Stocker can be reached at   https://www.jillstocker.com/  or here:  http://www.thebodywellusa.com/  

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