Rational Wellness Podcast Episode 017: Sleep Apnea Deuterium and Vitamin D with Dr. Joel Gould

Dr. Joel Gould speaks to Dr. Ben Weitz about sleep apnea, deuterium, and vitamin D.  

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I asked Dr. Gould how a dentist became an expert at sleep apnea?  He found out he had sleep apnea and also discovered that patients did not want to go to a sleep lab to find out if they had it. He discovered that there were home methods of testing for sleep apnea, including using a pulse oximeter for two nights.  He also discovered that the reason he had sleep apnea was because he had a vitamin D deficiency. This means that sleep apnea is both reversible and preventable. Dr. Gould also said that since he looks into patients mouths and shines a light down their throat, he’s in a perfect position to discover the early signs of sleep apnea.

Dr. Gould described that if you have trouble breathing while you sleep, then you will probably be more comfortable sleeping sitting up in a chair. When he suspects a patient may have sleep apnea, he will send them home with a pulse oximeter to use for two nights that will record how much oxygen is in their blood and if it drops by 4 points or more when sleeping, it indicates sleep apnea.

Dr. Gould also discussed deuterium, what it is, and how much is in the environment.  Deuterium is also known as a stable hydrogen isotope or heavy hydrogen, since while most hydrogen atoms have a proton and an electron, deuterium has a proton, an electron and a neutron.  Thus, deuterium atoms are twice as heavy as other hydrogen atoms.  Deuterium messes up your metabolism and can’t function like regular hydrogen.  More deuterium atoms will mess up the mitochondrial production of energy.  If deuterium is incorporated into your genes, this creates genetic defects.  Deuterium is the cause of aging, thus, deuterium is the rate limiting step of our life!  Deuterium is also the cause of obesity and the reason why vegetarian or ketogenic diets work, because they reduce deuterium levels.

Dr. Joel Gould   http://www.modernamericandentistry.com/

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